How to Clean Floors

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Floor Cleaning Made Easy
Dust before you wipe
Vacuum or sweep your floor before cleaning. Take care not to use a beater bar or coarse bristles as these can leave scratches.
Prepare your surface
Wipe floors with a microfiber mop and a touch of cleaning solution before a deep clean to prep the surface.
Use heavy strokes for deep clean
After a light wipe, go over the surface again. This time, soak a mop and use heavier strokes to get a deep clean.
Avoid streaks and patches
Leave floors until they're approximately 95% dry before spot cleaning. This ensures you aren’t left with streaks or patchy areas.
Maintain a clean floor
Daily dusting is the best way to maintain a clean floor. Complement regular light and deep cleans by using a dry microfiber mop to remove dust.
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