Removing Dried-On Grout (and Refreshing Grout Lines)!

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We had some frustrating dried grout on our bathroom floor tiles that was there long before we moved in. We are painting and doing minor updates on our bathroom, so we decided to start with the floor. We didn't want to do a lot of scraping or use harsh chemicals, so we found a great solution: Oxiclean. It worked really well, and left our floors fresh and clean. However, the grout lines that were left behind were still dirty, so we used a great product called Grout Renew to brighten them right up. It's like we got a whole new floor! Check out the blog for more information!
Want to remove dried on grout, and refresh dirty grout lines? Use Oxiclean, followed by a round of Grout Renew!
These were our floors as we inherited them when we purchased our home.
An Oxiclean and water mixture forms a runny paste that sits on the floor for a few minutes.
Then I easily removed the dried grout by wiping with a towel. A few tougher spots required the putty knife.
This is what our floor looked like after the Oxiclean treatment.
A close-up after the Oxiclean treatment reveals that the grout was pretty dirty.
Grout Renew is a grout paint and sealer in one, that can make your grout lines look like new!
I applied it with a toothbrush, and then carefully wiped away the excess.
Here are our floors after the Grout Renew treatment. It's like we got all new tiles! The Oxiclean and Grout Renew were a great success!
Kirstin @ Things Made New
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  • Lmschindy Lmschindy on Aug 03, 2016
    How long did you leave the oxiclean mixture on the grout before wiping it off?
  • Lsp29935824 Lsp29935824 on Sep 08, 2017

    The acrylic tub In our got some grout on it. It has dreis & feels gritty. Would this work to remove it?

  • Michael Michael on Apr 01, 2020

    You look like you got great results from the two products. I currently use Oxiclean but I don't have grout renew so I'm going to get it as soon as I can and try it out. I was wondering if it had any adverse effects after you used it?

    Thanks for the tip Kirstin.

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