Fill drawers of an old dresser with flowers

An old dresser with stuck drawers is just what your garden needs! Get tutorial here

Plant colorful buds in a bottomless chair

Paint a plain wooden chair, then dill it with pretty pink and yellow petals. Get tutorial here

Turn a headboard into a colorful garden bench

Screw together a headboard and footboard to make a bright, fun bench to cover with planters. Get tutorial here

Plant tall grasses in a mix of pretty blooms

A short bench is the perfect place to plant a whole bed of flowers and greenery. Get tutorial here

Attach cactus-filled jars to an extra chair

There's never been a cuter way to display cacti an succulents! Get tutorial here

Set a tall planter in a hollow chair center

For this flip, you don't even have to replant your greens. Just sit a pot inside a chair. Get tutorial here

Plant inside a repainted file cabinet

Who would have ever thought an old rusty file cabinet could look this high-end in the garden! Get tutorial here

Bring a cabinet outside as a multi-planter

Fill each drawer and cubby with a mix of planters and garden decorations. Get tutorial here

Make a real life flower bed in your garden

Dig a headboard and footboard into an open plot in your garden for a real life flower bed. Get tutorial here

Garden in each drawer of a sewing cabinet

Bright budding plants will be just the pop your porch needs - especially in a sewing cabinet. Get tutorial here

Put a fairy garden in a small bench seat

With little decorations and embellishments, a garden bench could become the perfect fairy garden. Get tutorial here

Use just the drawers for your garden addition

Pull unwanted drawers from an old dresser and fill them with pretty plants. Get tutorial here

Make a planter from a vintage sink insert

Set a sink insert outside your house and settle a leafy green plant snuggly inside. Get tutorial here

Or drag out an old pedestal sink

A pedestal sink against your home exterior is a gorgeous place to plant beautiful cascading leaves. Get tutorial here

Insert a planter inside an old sewing cabinet

Set a plastic planter inside a cabinet to keep it safe even while it's looking pretty. Get tutorial here