How to Clean Gutters

Have you been dreading cleaning out your gutters? It doesn't have to be a pain. Hometalk can help you clean your gutters safely and effectively. We have the ideas and tips to get you started, from discussion boards to video tutorials to slideshows. Check out our best, top, and newest projects to get you started.

Cleaning the Gutters
When to clean the gutters
Gutters should be cleaned once in the spring and once in the fall. You may have to do it more in areas with lots of trees, or after a storm.
Safety comes first
Clean gutters from a ladder instead of from the roof for a safer experience. Stay safe on the ladder and don't reach out too far.
Get rid of the gunk
Scoop out anything that is in the gutters using your hands (covered in gloves, of course) or a garden trowel.
Rinse out the gutters
Using a hose, flush out the gutters, ridding them of whatever is left over. Run the water for about a minute until the water comes out clear.
Prevent buildup in gutters
There are several contraptions that can be placed in the gutter to prevent buildup - such as gutter whiskers and mesh guards.
Top Projects for Cleaning Gutters

We've gathered the top gutter cleaning projects here for you. Go on in!