How to Clean Whole House

Need to clean your entire house and don't know where to start? We've got you covered with the best, top, and newest projects on cleaning your house. Check out our slideshows and let your voice be heard on our discussion board. Watch a video or two while you're at it. We'll make sure you get your house in tip top shape in no time!

Clean Your House in One Hour
Plan your cleaning attack
The key to cleaning your house is to work logically. Work from room-to-room and top to down (e.g., clean countertops before the carpet).
Six-minute bedroom blitz
Start with the bedroom. Replace bed linen and wipe surfaces. Bedrooms are often uncluttered, so this should take around six minutes.
Seven-minute bathroom sparkle
Spray the sink and bath/shower and allow it to sit while you work on the toilet. Rinse the tub and sink, leaving the floor for later.
Clean a living room in 7 minutes
Living rooms can be cleaned in minutes. Start in one corner and dust surfaces from left-to-right. Vacuum chairs and floors to finish.
Re-using saves time and effort
Clean dishes and wipe the hob with warm soapy water. Rinse and reuse the sponge for the countertops. Mop the floor and reuse in the bathroom.
Top House Cleaning Projects

Take a look at our top projects on cleaning your house. Get rid of that dust!

House Cleaning Videos

Here you'll find videos to help you clean your house and get it sparkling in no time!

The Natural Cleaner Your Nasty Toilet Needs

I'm a huge fan of eco cleaning products. With two little kids running around, I'm always looking for any natural cleaning product that cuts down on harmful toxins in my house and makes cleaning easier. And few cleaning products are as packed with toxins as toilet cleaners. Instead, I went to my pantry to grab supplies for this baking soda and vinegar cleaner. The result? My toilet has never sparkled like this! Start by gathering vinegar and baking soda from your pantry. You can also pick up some essential oil to add a fresh touch. Then, head on over to that dingy, dirty toilet...

Dawn Dish Soap Hacks

Dawn is great for cleaning dishes - did you know it's great for other things too? I have used it to clean my carpet, as a laundry spot cleaner, and here are a few more ways I wanted to share with you... You can see more of my crazy creations here

Copper Cleaning Hacks

I have some copper pots and a strainer that are just plain dingy looking. I decided to try a bunch of copper cleaning hacks to see what would work best to clean it. You can see more of my crazy cleaning and organizing hacks here

Unclog a Toilet Without a Plunger

This is the coolest trick to unclog a toilet. It's so much cleaner than using a plunger. I can’t promise it will work every time for you, but it worked every time I tried it. All you need is dish soap and hot water.

New House Cleaning Projects

Peruse our collection of new house cleaning projects to whip your house into shape.

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