Asked on Dec 18, 2015

Water marks on black granite

by Sylvia
I just installed absolute black granite in the kitchen. It is beautiful.
I knew it would require upkeep- and I was sure that I could handle it (chronic polish and wiper already)
What I didn't expect was the outline of my coffee cup that seems to be 'under' the sealed surface- any ideas??
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Dec 18, 2015
    Do you know what type of sealer that was used?
  • Marlene Marlene on Dec 18, 2015
    Maybe Magic the package or call the co before you use it. But I find it works wonders...everwhere...good luck
  • Anastasia Anastasia on Dec 18, 2015
    I have the same problem. I have tried peroxide and baking soda, and all the other variations, nothing seems to work. I have searched around for suggestions, but have found no solution. A suggestion was made to contact someone that works with granite to come out and see if they have a fix. I may have to break down and do that
  • Scottie Vosburgh Scottie Vosburgh on Dec 19, 2015 These are great tricks starting with the most gentle moving to the most abrasive. It's important that once you've gotten the stain out that you make sure it's sealed properly so it won't happen again (for a while).
  • Kathleen Rabon Kathleen Rabon on Dec 19, 2015
    I have used my grandmothers secret for water rings on wood tables. Toothpaste. Smear on a heavy coating and it takes out of wood and leave it for a few hours. Couldn't hurt to try on granite. Good luck.
  • Ramblin rose Ramblin rose on Dec 19, 2015
    I think I would definitely call a granite guy....protect your investment....:)
  • Pat Pat on Dec 19, 2015
    You will need to SEAL the granite! There are products you can buy at Home Depot or Lowes. It should be done once a year to avoid surface stains.
  • Sherrie Sherrie on Dec 19, 2015
    I agree with above it needs sealed. You need a prumice powder to remove the water marks. But instead of guessing use the marble institute of America cleaning guidelines. Here is their link. When we clean and have problems this is my go to place!
  • Psellers Psellers on Dec 19, 2015
    Course granite & marble are not the same thing but use the suggestions above.....there should NOT be water rings left on granite.....some of the other surface choices maybe (cause mine did at one time) but on granite NO. I would also talk to your installer or place of purchase....cause it might be under a warranty of some kind or some kind of customer satisfaction thing. I don't even officially have to seal mine and I do not have any issues.
  • Wanda.ll Wanda.ll on Dec 20, 2015
    Try using a hairdryer to dry the spot out. That is the only think I can think of. Sounds like that part wasn't sealed correctly. Call who installed it too.
  • Marion Nesbitt Marion Nesbitt on Dec 21, 2015
    Call the installer. Something is amiss.
  • Deb K Deb K on Oct 15, 2022

    Hu Sylvia, hope this helps you out.