Asked on Mar 05, 2016

How can I clean sand art?

by Kim
I have two pieces of sand art, but I don't know how to clean them without the sand coming off. My uncle bought them for us when he traveled but now he is no longer with us so I can't find out where or whom he bought them from.
Any ideas on how clean them?
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  • KatAych KatAych on Mar 05, 2016
    Hopefully its sealed in some way - what about using one of those little air cleaner things for computer keyboards?
  • Liz Liz on Mar 05, 2016
    It's beautiful! Try gently brushing it with a soft, clean, natural bristle paint brush. I even use a natural bristle paint brush to dust off paintings, pictures, and fabric lamp shades.
  • Melba Jean Dobson Melba Jean Dobson on Mar 05, 2016
    this sand art is gorgeous ! have you googled it to see what they have on cleaning it ? please try google.
    • Kim Kim on Mar 05, 2016
      @Melba Jean Dobson Thank you. I have googled it to see if I can find a way to clean it. I googled it first before asking. I can't find anything on it.
  • CityGirl Rajan CityGirl Rajan on Mar 05, 2016
    Contact a museum of art and ask them how they would clean it. If Google don't work calling experts usually does
  • Sue Sue on Mar 05, 2016
    Try putting the art in a large paper bag with a lot of table salt. Fold the bag and shake, shake, shake. The art is absolutely gorgeous! Just don't drop the bag while shaking it.
    • Kim Kim on Mar 05, 2016
      @Thank You Sue I never thought of using table salt to clean. That is a really good idea. That one is 20x15
  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Mar 05, 2016
    There is nothing on google referring to the care of this. In my honest opinion I would simply use a blow dryer to remove any dust. The piece is to beautiful to take any other chances.
    • Kim Kim on Mar 05, 2016
      @Thank You Janet Pizaro. I don't want to ruin either piece. I will try all of your suggestions, Hopefully I can get them clean.
  • Ranger Ranger on Mar 06, 2016
    A soft brush is probably the best idea. Perhaps find out if you can coat them in something for easier future use; maybe talk to the art department at your local college or university?
  • Michelle Kolbenstetter Michelle Kolbenstetter on Mar 06, 2016
    You could try using compressed air - Like the kind they sell in cans to clean your computer.
  • Kim Kim on Mar 06, 2016
    Thanks for all the great responses. I have also contacted the local colleges art departments & the local museums. I really wish that the artist had signed the back of the art work so I could contact then directly. I'll keep you informed as to what I have done to clean them.
  • Susann Campbell Susann Campbell on Sep 03, 2017

    It's dirt! Cleaning it is a joke , right? Just kidding, A long very fluffy brush with a light touch but not touching it, whisk back and forth very fast scattering all dust not wanted. Do not touch the object a small fan to help to see the dust leave without it blowing directly on the art should help. I'm thinking of a feather duster made of Ostrich feathers, not chicken.

  • Sherry Buckowing Sherry Buckowing on Dec 16, 2019

    A clean, dry, soft paintbrush works beautifully. Its magical.

  • Lucy Ignizio Lucy Ignizio on Sep 17, 2020

    Wow that is Beautiful. I would find another artist that does sand paintings. At least it is not colorful. But very beautiful. Canned Air. Stiff brush like for auto parts. Not wire.

  • Lucy Ignizio Lucy Ignizio on Sep 17, 2020

    Native Americans and Earth Paint |

    Just in case someone else looks.

  • Deb K Deb K on Nov 10, 2021

    Hi Kim, how about a feather duster? It is gentle enough and still has the ability to get the dust off.🙂

  • Ali Ali on Apr 04, 2023

    I too was looking for this answer, and after reading all the responses, remembered some of the free makeup brushes I'd received through purchases in the past. One of these worked perfectly as well. Thanks for all the great feedback to the original query!