How To Easily Clean Your Front Door Back To New Again!

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Whenever I discovered a new cleaning tip I have to share it with you! Does your front and screen door get all grimy with pollen, dust, and debris? With the onset of Spring, it’s so easy to have your outside doors easily build up with nasty dirt and pollen. I discovered an easy way to clean your front door and your screen door back to new again!
I usually go through the drill of pulling out all the cleaning products to get my outside doors clean. It’s a real chore! I would grab the Fantastic cleaner to clean the dirt and debris and then scrub and scrub and scrub the kick marks off with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, and then grab the Windex to add some sparkle and shine. That’s a total of three products and at least 40 minutes of my time to do it. 
This Spring seems to loaded with crazy pollen! I cleaned my door last week and look at it now! You can literally see the pollen loading up on the door. And those shoe marks – nasty. 
And look at my screen door too – same dirty nightmare – yuck! Talk about first impressions! I don’t want folks to see dirt before then enter my home. After all, I am a clean freak, to begin with! 
Well, guess what? You can bring your front door and screen door back to new again easily with WD40. Yep, it’s that easy. All I did was spray a rag with it, and wipe it clean. No buffing, no scrubbing – it was as easy as can be!
And it left my door brand new again. I am shocked at how fast and efficiently it cleaned both my front and screen doors. I know you can use WD40 for most everything and this proved it!
My door never looked this good. And, it’s actually repelling the pollen too! My doors have been clean and are staying cleaner. I’m so thrilled to discover such an amazing cleaning hack. Speaking of cleaning hacks, be sure to check out 7 Of My Favorite Cleaning Hacks. I know you are going to love them as much as I do! By The way, if you love my "hello" door stencil you can visit my blog for instructions as to how I added it my door and other beautiful stencils too!
To some, it might seem like an unimpressive task to be able to clean your dirty door but to me, it was truly a revelation! I’ve struggled cleaning my outside doors including my back sliding door for years. Now, I can get it sparkling clean and for longer too. I am shocked to see hot the WD40 is helping to repel dirt and debris! 
I hope you enjoyed this cleaning tip. If you’ve tried it, I’d love to hear about it below in the comment section. 
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Sassy Townhouse Living
Suggested materials:
  • WD40   (Local Store)
Sassy Townhouse Living
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  • Robin Brewer Robin Brewer on Jun 12, 2017

    I have used WD40 cleaning my car tires it works great. It's better than that tire clearner you can buy, so I'm sure it will do wonders on my door. ...Question. Getting ready to paint my door the same color of yours. How do you think it would look on a cedar siding house, and did you buy your screen door already trimmed in red or did you paint it? Lor It's the same door I have now, but it's brown. Will be buying a new one if I need to paint what color door should I buy? Any suggests would be greatly appreciated.

  • JWL JWL on Jun 24, 2017

    Is your inner door a wood door or metal door? I want to try it on my wood door that is painted a pretty yellow with dark gray accents. I love the gloss on your door!

  • Sandi Serra Sandi Serra on Sep 09, 2017

    you may have answered this question already but did you wipe down the door with the WD40 after you cleaned it with something or was that also your cleaner?

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  • Vlee John Vlee John on May 18, 2017

    Thanks Carolann! I will try it out today.

    • Sassy Townhouse Living Sassy Townhouse Living on May 18, 2017
      You will love how it turns out. Mine stayed cleaned for so much longer and looks so brand new and shiny!
  • Janet Janet on Jun 03, 2017

    Thank you for this tip. WD-40 also dissolves gum and sticky stuff.

    • Sassy Townhouse Living Sassy Townhouse Living on Jun 03, 2017
      You are welcomed Janet! It works so good and keeps my door cleaning longer too. Yes! WD is great for so many things it's wonderful!