Open the Door to Style: Incredible Door Hacks You Won't Believe

Marcia Socas
by Marcia Socas

If you've ever found yourself dreaming of transforming those drab and outdated doors into stunning focal points, then you're in for a treat. Today I'll unveil three exciting projects that will turn your doors from eyesores to eye-catching masterpieces, all without breaking the bank.

From giving a hall closet door a much-needed makeover to breathing new life into your plain old closet doors, I've got you covered.

I'll guide you through each project step by step, providing handy tips and tricks along the way. Say goodbye to dull and hello to delightful as we delve into the world of door hacks.

This post was transcribed by a member of the Hometalk editorial team from the original HometalkTV episode.

Watch till the end of the video for a bonus bi-fold door makeover!

Get ready to unlock the door to creativity and style, all while keeping your wallet happy.

Outdated hall closet door

Hall Closet Door Makeover

Tools and Materials:

  • Screwdriver
  • Table saw
  • Sander or sandpaper
  • Pin nailer
  • Paintbrush or paint sprayer
  • Caulking gun
  • Hollow core door
  • One-by-twos (amount depending on door size)
  • Construction adhesive
  • Nails
  • Beadboard or other desired material for door panels
  • Paint
  • Caulk
Removing hinge pins and old door hardware

1. Removing Door Hardware

Begin by removing the door from the hinges and taking off all the door lock hardware.

Cut the door in half

2. Cutting the Door

Proceed to cut the door in half with a table saw. Afterward, sand down the rough edges left by the table saw.

How can I make my door look nicer

3. Attaching One-by-Twos

Measure and cut one-by-twos to match the height of the door.

Securing one-by-twos to the inside of the door using a pin nailer

Use a pin-nailer to attach them to the inside of the door.

One-by-twos attached along the edge

Use construction adhesive and additional nails to secure the one-by-twos along the edge of the door halves.

You now have two doors.

Applying construction adhesive to secure beadboard onto the door

4. Installing Beadboard

I had leftover beadboard, so I decided to line the door edges using the smooth side of the board.

To secure the beadboard in place, I applied construction adhesive along the edges of the door and used the pin-nailer for extra strength.

Upcycled doors

5. Hanging the Door

Hang the door back in place and carefully assess the overall appearance and fit.

Applying multiple coats of paint to achieve a uniform finish

6. Painting

Apply several coats of paint to achieve a uniform look. Also, apply caulk between the trim pieces and the door itself for a seamless finish.

Attach long handles to the door

7. Adding Handles

Attach long handles to the door for improved functionality.

Hack your old pantry door

Consider applying this project to pantry doors or linen closet doors for similarly impressive results.

Old closet door makeover

DIY Closet Door Makeover

Tools and Materials:

  • Screwdriver
  • Spray paint
  • Paint primer
  • Painter's tape
  • Plastic tarp or drop cloth
  • Glass cleaner
  • Sandpaper
  • Closet door
  • Black spray paint, primer, and paint all-in-one
  • Frosted paint spray (for desired effect)
Thoroughly cleaning the mirrored surface of the door

1. Removing the Door and Cleaning the Mirrored Surface

Start by removing the closet door from its hinges and taking it outside for the makeover.

Thoroughly clean the mirrored surface of the door by wiping it multiple times to ensure a pristine starting point.

Spraying black spray paint to cover up the gold sections of the door

2. Applying Black Spray Paint

I sprayed black spray paint (primer and paint all in one) along the outside of the door to cover up the existing gold sections.

Using tape to divide the door's surface into sections

3. Dividing the Surface with Tape

Use tape to divide the door's surface into sections. This step helps control overspray and ensures clean and defined lines.

Attaching tape with a plasticky tarp to improve coverage and control overspray

4. Enhancing Coverage with Tape and Tarp

Employ tape with an attached piece of plasticky tarp to improve coverage and prevent overspray from going beyond the intended paint strips. This combination provides better protection and control during the painting process.

Applying frosted paint spray to the old closet door

5. Applying Frosted Paint Spray

Use a frosted paint spray for the desired effect. Apply it evenly within the designated sections, following the instructions on the paint can.

Revealing crisp lines by peeling off the tape

6. Peeling off the Tape

Allow the paint to dry completely. Then, enjoy the satisfying moment of peeling off the tape to reveal crisp lines and a transformed, modern-looking door.

DIY closet doors

Hang the newly painted doors back up and appreciate their beauty as they add a modern touch to the room.

DIY sliding door

Cheap Barn Door DIY

Tools and Materials:

  • Screwdriver
  • Sandable wood filler
  • Putty knife
  • Drill
  • Liquid nails
  • Nail gun
  • Caulking gun
  • Sandpaper
  • Door with hinges and doorknob removed
  • Two-by-twos (amount depending on door size)
  • One-by-fours (for decorative elements)
  • Wood screws (for attaching decorative elements)
  • Paint
  • Barn door track hardware
How can I decorate my door

1. Removing Old Hardware

Begin by removing the hinge pins from the door and moving the door into your workspace. Get rid of the old door hinges and doorknob.

Applying wood filler to fill gaps on the door surface

2. Filling Gaps with Wood Filler

Fill in any gaps in the door using sandable wood filler. Ensure a smooth and even application.

Using a clever trick to repair the doorknob hole

3. Repairing the Doorknob Hole

For the large hole left by the doorknob, use a clever trick. Stuff a bit of paper towel into the hole and cover it with putty. This technique provides a solid and seamless surface.

Attach two-by-twos to add length to the door

4. Adding Length with Two-by-Twos

Measure and cut two-by-twos to the desired length. Affix them to the top and bottom of the door to add the necessary length.

Decorate the door with one-by-fours

5. Working on Decorative Elements

Start working on the decorative part of the door. Measure the length of the door and make the necessary cut on one-by-fours. Attach the wood to the door using liquid nails. Once everything is in place, secure it further using a nail gun.

Applying caulk to smooth and seal gaps on the door

6. Smoothing and Caulking

Apply a line of caulking along the base of the wood panels and use your finger to gently run over it, ensuring a smooth finish. This step helps seal any gaps and creates a polished look.

Sanding and caulking the frame

7. Sanding the Frame

Once the putty on the door edge is dry, use sandpaper to smooth the door frame and caulk any gaps between the original door and decorative wood panels.

Paint the barn door

8. Paint the door

Proceed to paint your DIY barn door.

Attaching barn door hardware for proper installation

9. Attaching Barn Door Hardware

Attach the barn door hardware according to the manufacturer's instructions. Ensure proper installation and stability.

Hanging the transformed barn door in its new location

10. Hanging the Repurposed Door

Hang the completed barn door in its desired location. Admire the transformation and the cost-effective result achieved with minimal expenses.

Another Clever Door Hack

Looking for more gorgeous door ideas, check out this Interior Hollow Core Door Makeover tutorial.

Cheap barn door DIY

Upcycled Doors Tutorial

And there you have it, folks! We hope you enjoyed exploring these fantastic Door Hacks with us. Now it's your turn to take these ideas and make them your own. Remember, your doors are like blank canvases just waiting to be transformed into something extraordinary.

Whether you choose to give your hall closet door a chic makeover, revamp your plain old closet doors, or embark on a barn door DIY adventure, we can't wait to see what you create. Don't forget to share your incredible results with us in the comments below!

Marcia Socas
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    I realize this is transcribed by Hometalk but the first door makeover makes no sense. You cut a regular door in half to make two smaller doors, opening from the center. But the original frame would have one set of hinges on only one side and a latch on the other side. Again, did Hometalk leave out several important details?
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    On the barn door, did you put 2x2 on the inside, or did you put wood between the frame of the hollow doors??
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