Scoop Made From Plastic Water Bottle

Karen Merritt3
by Karen Merritt3
4 Materials
10 Minutes

I needed a scoop for my kitty litter. I was tired of picking up the heavy container of kitty litter to pour some in the litter box. I was ready to pitch the plastic bottle in the recycling bin when an idea came to me. Repurpose it.

Empty water bottle.

I pulled off the lable. Then I used a permanent marker to draw the lines where to cut.

I used a box knife to start the cutting. I then took over cutting the bottle with a pair of scissors. Make sure to keep the lid on it. Otherwise whatever you are scooping will come out the top.

This is what it looks like done. The blue lines are just to show the shape when its finished. If using it for food make sure you cut away the area with the permanent marker.

This is what the rest of the bottle looks like.

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Suggested materials:
  • Plastic beverage bottle. Use the thicker bottles   (Free)
  • Scissors, box knife and permanent marker   (I had.)
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