Christmas Vase Beaded Pickle Jar

Heather Brown
by Heather Brown
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30 Minutes
11 WEEKS TIL CHRISTMAS! Can you believe it?!
My stepdaughter goes through a gallon of pickles every few weeks. Usually I just toss these in the recycle bin. But I wanted to make something simple out of glass tonight. So I sent the latest empty jar through the dishwasher.
Afterward the labels peeled off with ease.
I had 3 packages of beaded trim in the craft closet and I wanted a project that I could mindlessly do, so I grabbed the hot gun and started to glue and wrap the jar in trim.
You'll notice that one of the packages was a smaller bead, so I decided to use that on the top. If I had 3 of the same size I would have preferred that. But I wanted to make a free-to-me project with supplies I had on hand.
I began to wrap and glue the jar, coil by coil. It was easiest to me to put on a strip of 4" of glue at a time and hold it for a few seconds. I'm sure there's a better glue out there for this project, so if you'd prefer a different glue, go for it!
When I used all three strands (the two larger strands were 12" each and the smaller bead size was 18") there was about 1.5" of space that made it look unfinished. So I found some lime boa and glued that around the top. I wasn't intending to go full on Christmas with this project, but I used what was on hand because I didn't want to run out in the storms tonight. The news anchor was warning of tornados (welcome to Kansas, there's a reason we love our red glitz here 😉).
Finally, I glued an inexpensive broach on the front and popped in a few stems of Christmas flowers I had in holiday supplies.
And that's all there is to it. Easy peasy!
My cost estimate below is what you could recreate this for if you had to buy the supplies new at the dollar store.
Now I feel like I should wrap presents and sip hot chocolate 😋!
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  • Ruth Wilcox Ruth Wilcox on Oct 17, 2017

    as project for nursing home residents, do you think double sided tape would work? I'm afraid glue would be too messy for them but I like this idea.

  • Dor22143442 Dor22143442 on Oct 17, 2017

    Wow!! that is gorgeous. What size jar, did you use?

  • Sonia Clark Sonia Clark on Nov 13, 2017

    Could you use beaded necklaces and just cut them to make a line of beads? a rainbow one would be pretty!

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