How to Clean Fabric

Has a stain got you down? Looking to clean your fabric but worried about damagin it in the process? We've got you covered here with our videos, discussion boards, and slideshows. Take a look at our best, top, and newest projects to help you take your fabric from drab to fab and get it clean in no time. Enjoy all that Hometalk has to offer.

Get Fabric Looking Like New
Check the label
Each fabric will have a care label that explains exactly how you can or can’t wash the item – make sure to check it every time.
Assess the stain
Figure out what type of stain is on the fabric so that you can plan for its removal accordingly.
Handwashing is best
If you’d like to avoid shrinking your clothes, the best method is hand washing with cold water.
Save your clothes from shrinkage
There’s nothing worse than shrinking something in the dryer. Save your fabric by air-drying it.
Take fabric out of the dryer
To prevent the smell of mildew, take clothes out of the dryer immediately when they're done.
Top Projects for Cleaning Fabric

Visit our top DIY fabric cleaning projects. Prepare to be impressed.

Popular Slideshows for Cleaning Fabric

Awesome slideshows of how to clean fabric yourself. Get creative!

Fabric Cleaning Videos

Check out our DIY video tutorials on how to best clean fabric yourself. Enjoy.

Cleaning Yellowing Pillows (and More)

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New Fabric Cleaning Projects

Browse our new DIY fabric cleaning projects that are trending at Hometalk.

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