How to Keep Your Pillow Pets Fresh and Clean

Ishrat Batool
by Ishrat Batool
If you have watched any television program lately, you have probably seen the “As Seen on TV” commercial for Pillow Pets. As the slogan says: “It’s a pillow and a pet, it’s a pillow pet.” These charming stuffed animals turn into pillows and are loved by children and adults alike. They are soft and hug able stuffed animals that can be opened to a full-sized pillow with the release of their Velcro tie. They have become the perfect travel companion for road trips and sleepovers. And because of their likability, they make a great birthday or holiday gift.

What an Idea

Pillow Pets were invented by Jennifer Telfer in 2003 and since then, the Pillow Pets have continued to be a popular item. She originally sold them in person around the Christmas season. Later they were marketed by “As Seen on TV” and have become a big hit with every age group. They come in many different designs such as a ladybug and panda bear. They have even released a line that includes Disney characters and sports teams. With so many to choose from, any child will be able to find the perfect one for him or her.

Made to last

They are made with simplicity in mind. Pillow Pets look like a stuffed animal, but when the time is right, they become a pillow. They are made out of soft chenille which gives your child to have a snuggly friend. To turn back into a stuffed animal, all you do is make sure that the Velcro strap is wrapped around the folded Pillow pet and attach it to the other side. This simple detail allows your child to go from stuffed animal to pillow and back to stuffed animal with ease.

The nice thing about this toy is that it is machine washable. So you do not have to worry about it being covered in dirt and harmful germs. All you need to do is follow the washing directions as suggested the by manufacturer to ensure that your Pillow Pet will last for a very long time.

Washing and Care for your Pillow Pet

The first step is to place your Pillow Pet in a white pillow case and tie it off at the ends. The reason you should place it in a white pillow case is to prevent your washing machine from being too rough on the fibers on it. This way, it helps increase the life of your Pillow Pet so that your children have even more years to enjoy.

After you have tied off the pillow case, place the bundle in your washing machine. You can either use a gently washing detergent or even Woolite if you have it around the house.

Choose the cold gently cycle setting on your washing machines.

Once washed, just place it in a warm and sunny place to air dry. Although the original washing instructions for the Pillow Pet website suggests to air dry, some reviewers have indicated that they have actually placed their Pillow Pets in the dryer and have dried them on a low heat cycle. That would be up to your discretion, but the original washing instructions from the manufacturer of Pillow Pets do not advise placing them in the dryer because of the possibility of damage to them.

If you follow these simple washing instructions, your Pillow Pets should last longer and be fresh and clean for your children for many years to come.
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