How to Get Rid of Dirt Lines With a Simple Sweeping Hack

Are you frustrated with the dirt lines left behind by your broom? Tired of having to clean up after sweeping? This simple sweeping hack will help you solve that problem effortlessly. Let me show you how to sweep your home!

Tools and materials

  • Broom
  • Dustpan
  • Tape (preferably painter's tape or any strong adhesive tape
How to sweep

Step 1: Prepare the dustpan

Take your dustpan and flip it over so that the bottom is facing up. This is the side that usually comes into contact with the floor.

Pulling the tape
Applying tape to the dustpan

2: Apply tape to the dustpan

  • Cut a piece of tape and stick it to the bottom of the dustpan.
  • Ensure that the tape covers the entire width of the dustpan's bottom.
  • Press down on the tape to ensure it adheres well to the dustpan. This tape will act as a barrier, preventing dirt and debris from sticking to the dustpan.
Sweeping up the dirt

Step 3: Sweep as usual

Now, with the tape in place, sweep your floors as you normally would. The tape will effectively pick up and trap the dirt, leaving no lines or debris behind.

Step 4: Dispose of dirt easily

When you're finished sweeping, disposing of the collected dirt is a breeze. Simply remove the tape from the bottom of the dustpan, and you're ready to go.

Sweeping hacks

Sweeping hacks

Now there are no more unsightly dirt lines. This quick and easy cleaning hack takes the hassle sweeping, making your routine more efficient. Let me know in the comments if this sweeping hack worked for you.

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  • Tammy Tammy on Dec 11, 2023
    Maybe you could have just used the tape by itself to pick up the debris?
  • Marilyn Wouden Marilyn Wouden on Dec 11, 2023
    I am sure one needs to clean and dry the dustpan, before you apply the tape. Is that right? Marilyn
  • Josea Rodriguez Josea Rodriguez on Dec 12, 2023
    Can you show us a video on the actuality how this here ......
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