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Dawn Gagnon
by Dawn Gagnon
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This is a quick little project but I love how it turned out. The desk you see in the photograph was a coffee table that was no longer needed. But for the cost of a little paint and some pre cut, pre-made table legs had a new purpose.
An old coffee table now a little writing desk
This was simply an old coffee table I no longer needed. I hate to throw away any furniture if I think it can be re-used or re-purposed and I love this little writing desk now in my office. What is fun with this idea is it can be used for not only a writing desk, but a make up/dressing table, or even a small island in a kitchen that has limited space.

The cost of this desk, since I already owned the table and paint was only $ 12.98 per leg. A desk for $ 52.00! Many home centers have table legs for varying prices , and they range from about $ 9-25. The difference in cost is usually due to the thickness of the table leg.

All I did was paint replace each short original leg with the four table legs and paint the whole thing in high gloss white paint. This is my desk as I am using it today. To compensate for the lack of drawers, I painted out an old file cabinet to match and added a basket for additional storage.
Once I saw how well this worked, hubby and I took a small round table, cut it in half and made two wall mounted desks using the same style of table legs.
You can never have enough desks :D
Suggested materials:
  • 1 coffee table with legs removed   (owned)
  • 4 pre cut pre made table legs   (Lowes)
  • High gloss paint   (Lowes)
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