DIY Risk Game Board

by Wilfred
4 Materials
6 Hours
Never liked the normal risk game board? Or just want to make one as a present?
We made this for a group of seascouts who in their free time drink something and play risk.
Step 1 and 2:
For the base of the board we use slats made from multiplex the dimension of these slats are:
2x 80 cm x 3,5 cm x 2 cm
2x 36 cm x 3,5 cm x 2 cm
The oak board itself is 80 cm x 40 cm x 2 cm

Step 3:
Glue everything up and make sure things are square!
Use some screws or nails to add strenght if you want.
Step 4:
When you're done you should have something like this.
You can add decoration to the slats if you'd like, we cut up some tree trunk and glued them to the slats.
Step 5:
Next step is to print out or overwrite the risk board or world map cut out the countries (you might need to scale them up a bit) and mark them on your oak plank.
Follow your marks with a solder iron to burn in the countries and names.
Step 6:
Separately mask off the countries and lightly spray paint the countries in any color you have or like.
Step 7:
To protect the game board use clear coat or epoxy resin.
For better and more information on how to make this board you can watch our video.
Step 8:
You are done!
Time to play some risk.
Did we miss something les us know! If the instructions aren't clear enough you can watch this video to see how we did it.
Suggested materials:
  • Oak   (Scap pieces from another project)
  • Spraypaint   (Local hardware store)
  • Epoxy resin   (Boat supplier)
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