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Karen Merritt3
by Karen Merritt3
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My husband is a custodian on a military base. He cleans 10 buildings and needs to carry his cleaning supplies with him.
So one day he asked if I could come up with something to carry a plunger in.
He knows I love a challenge and crafting. I started thinking what I had that was big enough to hold a plunger. Then it hit me, I had 2 kitty litter jugs in the basement. My husband asked why I was keeping them. I told him you never know when I could use them and what for. Well that day had come.
Kitty litter jug.
I removed the lable and then washed it inside and out.
Cut along the raised edge.
I took a box cutter and started cutting along the raised line. Cut about 2/3 of the top off. The opening needs to be large enough to get the plunger in and out.
Cut about 2/3 of the top off.
I then cut into the handle. It is so thick you need to cut one side then cut the other side. The handle needs to be long enough to carry it with ease.
Cut the handle where it starts to bend.
I then down loaded free clip art of plungers. I cut out the pictures. And colored them.
Attach clip art picture with packing tape.
I attached the pictures with packing tape. Make sure to cover the whole picture with tape.
Color the pictures.
I attached a picture of a plunger on each jug
My husband liked it so much I made two.
Suggested materials:
  • 2 kitty litter jugs
  • Packing tape
  • Box cutter
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