Paper Mache it on a terra cotta pot

It’s not just about keeping your plants cozy. Contrasting textures makes for great decor! Get tutorial here

Sew a few together to make a throw blanket

Got some extra wool scarves hanging around? A gorgeous plaid throw is always in style. Get tutorial here

Turn it into a nifty wine bag

Gift someone something adorable by hemming two sides of an old wool scarf together. Get tutorial here

Cut it into a gorgeous pillow cover

Sari scarves are easy to sew together to make envelopes for throw pillows. Get tutorial here

Upcycle it into a designer worthy suncatcher

Vintage scarves are an easy fix for glass window suncatchers that shatter. Aren’t they stunning? Get tutorial here

Wrap it around a wreath form

Grab some blue and white scarves from Michael’s to create an adorable coastal wreath. Get tutorial here

Tie it around a galvanized bucket

Using galvanized buckets as retro looking shelves is cool but adding vintage scarves make them even cooler. Get tutorial here

Stamp it on an easter egg

Old scarves and ties died and mod podged onto Easter eggs is the chicest thing! Get tutorial here

Make it into an eye pillow

Aromatherapy pillows not only soothe but making them from scarves gives them that silky touch. Get tutorial here

Wind it around a lampshade

A great temporary fix for your boring lamp is a woolen scarf with chunky details. Get tutorial here

Incorporate it into a Moroccan pouf

An old vintage scarf ironed or sewn into a Moroccan pouf is the decor idea you’ve been waiting for. Get tutorial here