How to Make a Compression Quilt Hanger for Under $20!

Susan Myers
by Susan Myers
Personally, I’m not a fan of sewing a sleeve into the back of the quilt and hanging it from a rod. I feel that it pushes the quilt too far out from the wall.
And I really don’t want to go the extra step of adding a sleeve. So what to do? Well, I love compression quilt hangers.
But they are expensive. My husband was more than willing to help out here. He created one for me for under $20 that is not only beautiful, but easy to make.
We found the wood at our local Home Depot store. There was much to choose from in decorative trim. You can make this as simple or as fancy as you like! Most home stores will cut the wood there for you if you like, or you can take it home and cut it like we did.
First we measured the top of the quilt- 48″ and then added an inch on each side for a total of 50″.
Cut the 1″ x 2″ wood and the decorative wood the same length. We used a mitre saw for this, but any saw will do. We cut them each 50″ long and then sanded them.
Then clamped both pieces of wood together and measured out where to drill the holes for the four drawer pulls. They will be spaced evenly and as you can see from the photo, you want them a little higher than center of the wood. Drill your holes all the way through both pieces of wood.
Use your counter sink drill bit on the back of the 1″ x 2″ piece of wood, widening the holes that you previously drilled.
This will allow the head of the wood screw to “sink” into the wood allowing for a smooth surface on the back.
Put your wood screws through both pieces of the wood from the back side and lightly screw on the drawer pulls.
At this point, we wanted to check it to be sure it was working properly. We turned it on its side and the stuffed in the top edge of the quilt between the two bars of wood.
Tighten the screws from behind, while holding the drawer pull from the front. This will anchor the quilt into the holder without damaging the quilt.
Stain the wooden pieces and then coat with a clear varnish.
Perfect for hanging the quilt and really easy to do.
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Susan Myers
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    How did you hang it on the wall? Nice job !!
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