DIY Bathroom Organization Ideas

Looking to keep away the clutter in your bathrooms? Let Hometalk help you out. We have the top, best, and newest bathroom organizer projects to keep your bathroom spotless. Check out the discussion board or ask a question. We have videos and slideshows to encourage creativity. Go on in and check them out!

Ideas to Organize Bathrooms

Use the wall space cleverly

Make the most of the space on your walls. You will find it easier to organize with hooks, shelves, and cupboards up there.

Divide up the drawers

Make your drawers even more useful by dividing up the interior space. You'll be able to store more and do it neatly.

Keep the countertop clear

Don’t let your bathroom countertops get cluttered. Look for alternative storage space for anything sitting on there.

Arrange space for each person

Make sure that everyone who uses the room has their own storage space. Using labeled containers is a good idea for avoiding confusion.

Choose clear storage containers

Use containers that let you see exactly what's inside them. Plastic tubs or boxes are ideal for stacking out of the way until needed.

Top Projects for Bathroom Organizers

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Bathroom Organizer Videos

Watch our DIY video tutorials on how to best organize your bathroom.

Epoxy Toilet Paper Dispenser 7" by 6"

When we moved in into our apartment, we had an old toilet paper dispenser in our bathroom.Other than being plain boring dispenser, our main issue with it was the time-consuming process of replacing an empty toilet paper roll to a new one.So, we've created this awesome dispenser which is easy to maintain, pleasant on the eye and has space to put down either a phone or a book while you're doing your business...

DIY Bathroom Canisters

Hey friends! How is everybody? I hope you are all having a great summer! I can’t believe how fast it is going by. Fall will be here before we know it! I know, sad face. But I do have something to cheer you up — a cute, quick and inexpensive DIY. This is what I like to call chic decor on a budget. No on has to know that this was made with stuff from the dollar store! The best part is, you can’t even tell! So without further ado, let's get started!

Farmhouse Style Bathroom Tour

If you love this project, grab your quick start DIY guide & subscribe to our blog!Our budget friendly farmhouse master bathroom has been a major evolution over the past couple years since we moved into our fixer upper. When we first moved in, I wasn’t even planning on doing a farmhouse master bathroom. I didn’t know what my design plans were. I just knew that something needed to happen, but there were bigger fish to fry as we renovated the rest of the house.So our master bathroom sat..boring and bare hidden in the back of our house. That’s usually true with most renovations I think. You typically do the master bedroom and bathroom last because it’s least likely to be seen by guests. It’s true over here at least. 2.5 years of renovating and I still haven’t finished decorating the master bedroom. Shhh…it’s getting there.But during the cold and LONG winter, Logan and I got a bit of a DIY bug after a binge session of Fixer Upper. It was shiplap time, so we added a budget friendly faux shiplap wall and floating shelves. These DIY projects alone completely transformed the master bathroom and brought in tons of the farmhouse charm I was looking for. This is definitely a budget friendly farmhouse master bathroom. The shiplap wall cost us less than $15 and you’ll see based on the source list at the end of this post that a lot of the decor was DIYed or collected from thrift stores or flea markets.The master bathroom is small. The master bathroom is awkward. Our master bathroom was really hideous. Here’s where we started when we moved in to our fixer upper.

Quick Cover for an Unused Bathtub

Please take a minute to click here to sign up for the Mother Daughter Projects weekly newsletter. You'll get notification about our new projects and what is up and coming.Steph has a tub that she only uses for storage, never bathing! It's a great place for storing bathroom essentials, but it's an eyesore.She came up with an idea to hide the storage without damaging the tub or limiting it's intended use.Head to 3:33 in the above video to see the Fast DIY project.

New Bathroom Organizers Projects

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