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Just another use for all the scrap wood laying around. Wood boxes can be used for so many things from trays to centerpieces. This is just another spin on a simple wood box. It can hold something everyone out there uses daily! Something we all just can't live with out. Let's get started

Supplies you'll need:



Paint Brush


Sander or sand paper


Nail Gun

Tape Measure


Wood 1x3

Thin wood

To make my box, I first measured the toilet tank, I then cut it to fit In my case I needed 16"x7" this also worked perfect for a jar and 2 toilet paper rolls, I get the large rolls from Costco. After I cut my boards I used my nail gun to assemble it. I used Miss Lillian's Antiquing Glaze Burnt Umber. Its summer here in Arizona and this is a perfect product, to look like stain but has no smell. It's nice and easy to use plus I can use it indoors that's huge since its been in the hundreds.

Next I used white chalk paint by General Finishes and just dry brushed it over the entire box. I then let dry.

I then used the sander and went over it to make it look old and used.

Next I had The Dip Lady cut me a stencil out, she will sell them to anyone and her stencils are so fast and easy. She can be found on Esty. I applied it and painted a brown paint on the words.


I like to be fast so I just run my sander over the whole think lightly and quick.

This is my stencil The Dip Lady cut, she will sell them to anyone. However, if you have a machine you can make 2.5"x10" stencil. I had her use the Font called Skinny. I applied it and painted a brown paint on the words.

To apply the stencil you pull the backing off and push firmly down. Of course I found my center point of box and center point of the stencil and made sure the ends ended up with the same on each side.

Here is my stencil that is secured to my bx.

I found a little trick so it doesn't bleed. I apply mod podge and let dry before you paint

Now I paint the words since I used stain I just find a paint that is close in color. If I'm using a brown stain I use brown paint grey stain a grey paint you get the idea. Once that is finished I then remove it and you should be done.

I did seal the boxes because its in a wet area to add a bit more durability!

Here it is done on the back of the toilet. Its just a fun wood box to hold extra rolls. I will say not all the tanks are the same size my girlfriends, I had to do at 13.5" So make sure to measure. The smaller one only held one roll and a jar or just two rolls. Just a fun easy project.

Here are my girlfriends that is the one roll. As you can see this is a fun easy project with a cute fun spin on a toilet paper holder. Hope you enjoyed this simple wood box project.

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