How to Make Cute Toilet Paper Tube Christmas Crafts

Hold onto those toilet paper tubes and get ready to transform them into adorable winter decor.

In this easy-to-follow guide, I'll show you creative ways to make toilet paper roll Christmas crafts.

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Creative Christmas crafts with toilet paper rolls

Toilet Paper Snowman

Bring holiday cheer to your home with this cute snowman craft.

Snowman craft using toilet paper rolls

1. Stack and Position Toilet Paper Rolls

Begin by stacking your toilet paper rolls in a vertical arrangement in the center of your faux snow roll.

Tuck the snow roll into the toilet paper

2. Secure Snow Roll Around the Edges

Hold the faux snow roll around the edges of the top toilet paper roll. Gently stuff the faux snow inside.

Tie a scarf around the snowman

3. Add a Stylish Scarf

Give your snowman personality by tying a scarf around his middle.

Add a hat

4. Slide on a Festive Hat

Slide a hat onto the top of the toilet paper rolls to give your snowman a whimsical appearance.

To keep the hat in place, secure it at the top of the toilet paper rolls with a rubber band.

Stick on buttons

5. Hot Glue Buttons for the Final Touch

Inject some personality into your snowman by hot gluing buttons onto its body.

Winter decor - toilet paper snowman

This final step adds a delightful finishing touch, completing your adorable little snowman.

Toilet paper roll and sock

Toilet Paper Gnomes

Spread holiday joy with this DIY Santa gnome.

Cut a sock

1. Prepare the Sock

Begin by cutting off the top part of a sock. This will be our gnome hat.

Crafts with socks

The bottom half of the sock will be used as the body.

How to make a Santa gnome from toilet paper tubes

2. Insert Toilet Paper Tube

Take a toilet paper tube and insert it into the “body” sock.

Easy step-by-step guide for toilet paper roll crafts

Ensure it fits snugly inside, by tucking any excess fabric into the top of the tube.

Simple and fun DIY projects with toilet paper tubes

3. Craft a Stylish Hat

To create the hat, fold up the seam edge of the “hat” sock.

Upcycling ideas for Christmas using toilet paper tubes

Tie the other end with a rubber band.

Cut a frilly edge

Then cut small, decorative edges along the top.

Holiday crafting with common household items

4. Shape and Attach the Mop Beard

Cut a piece of the mop pad into a triangle shape to form the beard for your gnome.

Glue on the beard

Use hot glue to securely attach the mop triangle to the toilet paper tube.

Stick on the hat

5. Place the Hat and Add the Final Touches

Position the crafted hat on top of your gnome's head.

Add a little bead nose

Use hot glue to affix a small bead as the finishing touch.

Decorate as desired

I also added a small wooden snowflake.

Craft a Santa with toilet paper rolls

Your charming Santa gnome can be proudly placed atop your Christmas packages for a delightful and personalized touch.

How to reuse toilet paper tubes

Toilet Paper Christmas Tree

Add a unique and elegant touch to your presents this holiday season.

DIY toilet paper roll Christmas crafts

1. Cut the Toilet Paper Tube

Begin by cutting the toilet paper tube in half.

Personalized gift wrapping with toilet paper roll

2. Trace and Cut Circles

Using one of the toilet paper tube halves, trace a circle onto the tube and carefully cut it out.

Four cardboard circles

Repeat this process three more times, ensuring you have a total of four circles. These circles will form the individual layers of your little Christmas tree decoration.

Recycling crafts for Christmas

3. Fold and Press the Tube

Take one of the toilet paper tube circles and fold it in half, then fold it in half again.

Fold edges to center

Pull two edges into the center and press firmly.

Triangular shaped pieces

This creates a folded, layered look for the ornament.

Place a drop of glue to the top of a triangle

4. Apply Hot Glue

Now, we are going to layer the folded pieces on top of each other to create a tree.

Stick on a second triangle

Attach a second folded circle to the first. This adhesive will help secure the layers and give the decoration stability.

Continue layering

Continue this with the other two pieces, creating a layered tree.

Festive holiday decorations with toilet paper tubes

5. Attach a Popsicle Stick

For a finishing touch, attach a popsicle stick to the bottom of the ornament using hot glue.

Recycling toilet paper rolls for festive decor

This will serve as a sturdy base.

Adding beads

6. Decorate With Beads

Now, stick on beads to mimic the look of Christmas tree ornaments.

Inexpensive and creative holiday crafting ideas

Place the ornament on top of presents or in other holiday displays.

More Christmas Decorations

If these toilet paper upcycles inspired you to make your own handmade Christmas accessories, check out my Tide Pod Santa tutorial!

Toilet Paper Tube Christmas Crafts

Embrace the joy of the season by trying these simple toilet paper roll crafts. Get creative with your decorations and add a personal touch to your holiday festivities.

Share your thoughts and experiences with these crafts in the comments below

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