Refinishing a Youngstown Sink

Laura Knapp
by Laura Knapp
We rescued this Youngstown sink from a house being torn down.
We rescued this old sink from an old house. I just fell in love with it.
My fiance is the best and sanded the WHOLE thing down for me.
Door fronts sanded down well.
Even the drawer fronts sanded down well.
New coat of paint does a wonder.
Doors are done.
There was a LOT LOT of work on the sink base itself.
Not the best pic but looking good.
He put so much work into the sink. It's amazing.
With the fixtures installed
Even the original 'tag' was saved.
Done and gorgeous!
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  • Carrie Carrie on Nov 01, 2020

    Hi there. How did you reattach the sink to the base? I’m finishing up a similar sink and having trouble seeing how it reattaches. Thanks for any help!

  • Don70619652 Don70619652 on Sep 22, 2022

    Did you guys spray paint the actual porcelain sink part too? I just moved and have an identical sink I'm cleaning up but the person before me had painted the porcelain and it's chipping away and looks horrible. Or was it only the metal cabinets you spray painted? And what about any rust spots?

  • Mar79211698 Mar79211698 on Mar 09, 2023

    What was the paint you used? Will it chip when things are dropped into the sink?

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