Pottery Barn Lamp Knockoff

by Ouina
3 Materials
2 Hours

I took two 30 year old pottery textured lamps and gave them a makeover similar to what Pottery Barn advertises.

This is one of the finished lamps.

Pottery Barn lamp I was going for....

This is one of the set of two lamps. A bit beige and out of date. They are over 30 years old and have made many a military move! Time to give them a makeover.

You can see from the photo the old finish. I had some white paint - it's the paint used for the trim in the house build. I figured "why not"! If it didn't work I would try another paint. It worked just fine. I applied using an old clean rag and dabbed the paint on in small amounts and rubbed it in to work into the texture.

Then, using a round, natural paint brush, I dabbed tiny amounts of my contrast paint. I had a sample jar of the paint I used on our house build - it is the trim color. I applied lightly in some spots and in others applied a bit more paint to give it an uneven looks. I wanted the base to look like it had sat in red clay.

I taped off the lower part of the now dry base, leaving a bit of the textured jar top showing. Also taped the electrical part and switch. I then spray painted the top and the fixture oil rubbed bronze by Rustoleum.

After the paint dried... up close

And the finished product top...

Finished base...

Suggested materials:
  • Paint   (on hand)
  • Oil-rubbed Bronze spray paint   (Rustoleum, Lowe's)
  • Old rags, paintbrushes   (on hand)
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