From Cement Mixing to Potted Flowers

Angela Herremans
by Angela Herremans
A few years ago I was given an old cement mixer so I could make my own concret :-) it was as old as me with no motor to turn it all hand powered :-) well I spent a few months doing my concreting and decided it was time to upgrade to a new mixer that mixed for me :-) which was great but now I was left with an old mixer sitting around the yard taking up space...
Well today I decided to turn it into a flower pot :-) a very very big flower pot :-) so I set about drilling lots of small holes in the bottom of the drum which was a lot easier to do than I thought it was going to be :-) the metal is so thin after years of making cement and concret in it :-)

I then placed it onto its back so that I could fill the tub with gravel for drainage I put in about 6-7 shovel loads of gravel and then found some weed mat in the garage so cut a large square and placed into the tub to cover the gravel so my potting mix would not make its way through all the gravel :-)

Now as I love butterflies I decided to plant a butterfly friendly plant :-) called the Richmond Birdwing Vine :-) I don't mind having cattappliers in my garden without them I won't have butterflies :-) so in went the plant :-)
Richmond Birdwing Vine
It's not much to look at as plants go but it's for the butterflies that are attracted to it that brings in the colours to it :-)
He's the male of the family and the following is the female :-)
So now my old mixer has a new lease on life and is sitting pretty in my driveway :-) I painted it cream and gold just to make it look nice :-)
So now I have a very pretty cement mixer planter pot :-)
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  • Sindy Todd Sindy Todd on Sep 25, 2015
    Love the idea but, I would have left it unpainted. Just me :)
    • Angela Herremans Angela Herremans on Sep 26, 2015
      I was going to but I want it to weather again into its new home this was it will blend into its new home :-)
  • Patty Patty on May 27, 2018

    What s fantastic idea! It’s creative, attractive & useful! You’ll have a great time watching the butterflies!🦋🦋🐛🦋🌸💐