12 Creative & Gorgeous Bathroom Remodel Ideas for Any Budget

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Want to redo your ugly 70’s bathroom but just can’t find the right inspiration? Sometimes it’s hard to feel inspired to renovate an entire bathroom. However, bathroom remodels can not only significantly improve the value of your home, but they can also make a stunning visual difference in your home. You might be surprised by how much you love your bathroom once your DIY bathroom remodel is complete.

DIY Bedroom Decoration Ideas (Shutterstock)

From tiling to decorating, these 12 DIY bathroom remodels will inspire you to get started on your bathroom remodel and complete it with a few unique and trendy ideas. No matter your budget or the size of your bathroom, you’ll find something here to inspire you. No matter your style, you’ll also find something here for you.

These bathroom remodel styles range from elegant to vintage chic to rustic woodsy. Enjoy viewing these bathroom remodels and getting inspired! 

1.Elegant & Modern Bathroom Remodel

This bathroom remodel is truly elegant. The bright white throughout and the sunlight streaming through the large windows really make this room shine. This bathroom remodel involved a full tear-out and some repositioning of items in the bathroom as well. The double-sink vanity is not only functional but also looks very high-end. The beautiful light fixture adds a unique touch to the room. Overall, the elegant style of this bathroom is carried throughout, creating a cohesive, elegant look. If modern and elegant is your style, this bathroom may likely be an inspiration to you and help you conceptualize your future dream bathroom.

Modern bathroom ideas (Domestically Blissful )

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2. Kid-Friendly Small Bathroom Remodel

Do you have little kids who like to splash water out of the tub or draw on the wall with toothpaste? If so, this bathroom remodel is likely ideal for you! It creates a fabulous-looking bathroom that is also kid-friendly. The installation of tile all the way around the bathroom, along with up about 3 feet on each side of the tub, creates a waterproof barrier. Also, it’s quite effortless to wipe dirt and smudges from tile if a child touches it with muddy hands. Furthermore, the grout on the floor was intentionally done in black to avoid having white grout that could easily get dirty.

The navy blue and white theme is unique, with the white sufficiently brightening the bathroom, making it look clean and inviting. When remodeling a small bathroom like this one, white can be a great color to use to brighten and visually enlarge the room. White is currently on trend, but it is quite timeless as well, making it a great choice.

Small bathroom makeover ideas (Kati Urbanek-Countryesque)

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3. Serene Grey/Green Small Bathroom Remodel

This remodel transformed an old, outdated 50’s bathroom into a calming oasis of grey and warm green. Grey tile was used for the shower to create a timeless yet updated look. A similar colored grey grout created a cohesive look in the shower. With a neutral grey shower, this Hometalker decided to add a little personality to this bathroom by using a warm green paint color on the walls. The unique accessories like the soap dispenser and mason jar holding a flower add the finishing touches to this warm, updated bathroom. Oftentimes the addition of unique accessories at the end of a remodel can really take a renovation to the next design level. This bathroom is definitely a stunning transformation from the 50’s bathroom where it started! 

Small bathroom remodel ideas (Moscatoismymantra)

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4. Creative Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas for Under $200 Total!

This small bathroom remodel is beautiful and so simple. It’s also budget-friendly with the updates all coming in under $200 total. Peel and stick tiles are used behind the sink to create an updated, decorative look without the mess, cost and work that tile usually takes. Simply cut and stick this tile in place on a wall. The most creative update in this bathroom is the light fixture. Since there wasn’t money in the budget for this Hometalker to completely replace the light fixture, she simply crafted a new cover for the light. This created a whole new look in the bathroom. Finally, this remodel also included new over-the-toilet storage, a new mirror, . One great way to save on a budget is to search for inexpensive decor at local stores, recognizing that many times clearance decor can look fabulous once put up in your bathroom. All these small DIY changes came together to give this boring bathroom a fresh new look. 

Small bathroom remodel on a budget (Engineer Your Space)

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5. Gorgeous Rustic Bathroom Remodel

If you love the mix of wood tones and greenery, this bathroom is likely perfect for you! Also, this DIY bathroom remodel was very budget-friendly, costing only $1,500 to complete. Tiles that look like wood, which are often used as flooring, were used for the shower. This created a rustic, woodsy look. Multiple cubby holes create spaces just right for greenery. These cubby holes can greatly increase the time it takes to complete tiling, but it can be worth it if it completes your dream bathroom. The rustic, woodsy look was further built out by incorporating a live edge piece of wood covering the curtain rod and a rough-cut cedar vanity top. The most innovative part of this bathroom remodel is the sink, which is a metal pail. You can’t get much more rustic than that! At a $20 price point for the pail, you also can’t get much less expensive than that. This dream bathroom has a truly unique and eye-catching design. 

DIY bathroom remodel (Tina Ranous)
DIY bathroom sink (Tina Ranous)

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6. Mid-Century Bathroom Remodel

This bathroom remodel took an old, dated bathroom and turned it into a mid-century dream of a bathroom. If you love the mid-century look, this bathroom will be perfect for you. Although traditional and inexpensive subway tile was used, it was laid in a grid pattern rather than the traditionally offset pattern. This gave the tiled areas a clean, geometric look. Consider how you might lay subway tile in a non-traditional pattern to add personality and distinctiveness to your bathroom. A mid-century style vanity and a concrete countertop further build out this look. Floating shelving and an all-glass shower complete the look as well. 

Mid century bathroom remodel (South Cypress)

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7. Vintage Chic DIY Bathroom Remodel

You won’t believe what’s on the wall of this small half bathroom – flooring! This Hometalker ripped out flooring from another area of her house, sanded it, installed it on this bathroom wall and stained it. It resulted in a gorgeous back wall for their bathroom. The white vanity, mirror, and flowers set against the dark wood are simply stunning. In addition to the wood wall, this remodel also included some electrical and plumbing work. This can often be the case if you are looking to move around items in your bathroom or if the height of your vanity significantly changes. The décor and towels add some personality to the room with their red pops of color. This is both a creative and gorgeous bathroom remodel.

Vintage DIY bathroom remodel (Becky W )

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8. Gorgeous Handmade Bathroom Window Decor

If you’re looking for something unique to put on your bathroom window, here you have it. This gorgeous handmade faux stained-glass window art is stunning and unique. It was made using the following materials: plexiglass, a pretty design found online, plasticized paint, faux leaded lines and a bit of silicone. A love for artwork and the patience to create this is also essential for this project. This artwork not only beautifies the bathroom but also provides great privacy. This entire bathroom remodel was very involved, including a complete gutting of the room. Once fully remodeled, this faux stained glass adds the perfect final touch to the room.

Bathroom window ideas (Sandy O’Konek )

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9. Unique Small Bathroom Remodel

This DIY bathroom remodel started with a neglected, and then abandoned, bathroom and ended with a functional and beautiful space. The tile on the floor has a unique element to it with the mosaic tile mixed in between the larger tiles. Consider how laying tile in a unique pattern may give your bathroom an innovative new look. The classic beadboard is a timeless addition to the room. Depending on the style of your house, beadboard can be a great addition to the bathroom. The vanity is actually a repurposed dresser that was once used as a baby changing table. This is such a sweet and innovative way to reuse this piece of furniture! The glass sink on top of the vanity adds an elegant element to this bathroom. 

Small bathroom decorating ideas (Margaret E)

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10. Bathroom Remodel Ideas for Under $145 Total!

Looking for a few unique bathroom remodel ideas while you’re working with a tight budget? Here you have some! This gorgeous metal sink used to be a decorative key holder. This Hometalker simply added a drain to enable plumbing to work properly and was all set. Also, this gorgeous tiled wall is actually made of wood! This creates the illusion of tile but has a raw wood feel to it. The bathroom style is all brought together with the unique mirror, the greenery and the well-placed rolled white towels. Consider how elements of this bathroom remodel may be incorporated into your bathroom remodel plans.

Small bathroom makeovers diy (DIY Tutoriales y mucho mas)

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11. Intricate Stone Tile Bathroom Remodel

This DIY bathroom remodel involved a full tear-out and resulted in a gorgeous new bathroom. The stone tiles used in the shower give this bathroom a tranquil, high-end look. The more intricate stones are paired with standard tiles to balance out the look. A stained-glass piece of décor hanging in the window adds a touch of color and character to the shower area. The rest of the bathroom also has a pop of color with bold green paint on the walls. A unique element of this bathroom remodel was the stain, paint and glaze mixture that was created and used on the wood elements to create a dark, almost-burnt wood look. The remaining updates done during this remodel give this bathroom an overall clean and fresh look.

Bathroom tile remodel (LongTall Sally)

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12. DIY Bathroom Remodel Complete with a DIY Concrete Vanity Top

This DIY bathroom remodel has some unique DIY elements, including a concrete vanity top that this Hometalker created. The vanity itself was also a DIY project made from upcycled wood and drawers. The herringbone floors are gorgeous and unique. This is definitely a trend to keep in mind when considering flooring options for your DIY bathroom remodel. The soft color palette used throughout the bathroom gives this bathroom a calming and comfortable feel. The white aspects keep this bathroom looking clean and crisp as well. The chandelier light fixture really does a great job completing the look of the room.

DIY Bathroom Remodel Complete with a DIY Concrete Vanity Top (Construction2style)

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Now that you’ve seen all these great bathroom remodel projects, hopefully, you have a few new ideas for your very own DIY bathroom remodel. Rather than focusing on how much it costs to remodel a bathroom, focus on finding creative ideas that fit your budget. This may be a DIY concrete countertop or peel and stick tiles. It may be choosing only a few projects to complete at this time rather than fully gutting the bathroom. It also may be repurposing flooring for the wall or crafting a new cover for an old light fixture. Get creative and enjoy the renovating! Along the way, don’t forget to share your incredible renovations on Hometalk so others can get inspired by you too.

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