How to Make a Cute DIY Gingerbread House Door Decoration

Mitch Couch
by Mitch Couch

Ready to add a touch of holiday magic to your front door? This DIY gingerbread house door decoration is a fun and budget-friendly project. Follow my step-by-step guide to recreate this Candyland Christmas decor idea.

For this project, go down to your local Dollar Tree and grab some foam board. Also, while you're there, grab some multicolored cups. We'll need those. And don't forget to stop at your local hardware store. We need some expanding foam.

Let's get started on this DIY gingerbread Christmas decor project!

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Colored cups from Dollar Tree
Cutting the cup with a knife

1. Cut the cups in half

The first part of this project is to grab those cups. We're going to use the bottom half only. Take a razor knife and just start cutting right there.

Cutting around the cup with scissors

Use a pair of scissors to finish it off. Go all the way around. Try to keep it level if you can. These cups are a little bit on the thin side, so they crinkle but don't worry about it.

If the edge is jagged, don't worry about it. That's fine, as long as it sits down flat on the table.

Cut halves of colored cups for the gumdrops

We need a lot of these multicolored cups. They look like gumdrops.

Measuring the foam board

2. Measure & cut the foam board

Next, take that foam board. We need to cut it in half at the 10-inch mark (these are 20 inches wide). Go ahead and draw a straight line across the whole thing.

Cutting the foam board in half

Put some cardboard underneath to keep that razor knife from going through onto your table. Cut it all the way through. These foam boards are easy to cut and they snap right in half. Now you've got a 10-inch piece.

Drawing a curve along the edge

3. Make the curved edges

Using a pencil, draw a curved, swirly line along one long edge of the foam board. This is going to make the gingerbread door decor look like icing.

Cutting the curved edge

Take that razor knife and just start cutting right down the line. If you're off a little bit, it's okay. We're not going to see it because you can turn this upside down.

Be careful, again, use that cardboard. Once you cut it through, it comes right off.

Continuing the swirled pattern

This is not long enough so we're going to put two pieces together. Make sure, though, you keep the curve the same. You're going to start where you left off. Again, you're going to cut that all the way through.

Taping the pieces together

4. Tape the pieces together

Take those two pieces and put them together. All it takes is a little bit of tape. You can use any kind you want because once we put the foam on, it's going to hold it nice and steady. So put that tape on both sides.

Expanding foam

5. Apply the expanding foam

Now, here comes the fun part. We're going to take some expanding foam, but make sure you get the right kind. What we want is a bright white color. That means it's going to look like icing when it goes on.

Applying the spray foam all around

Start spraying it all the way around. You don't have to fill all the gaps. If you've ever worked with expanding foam, you know that it will slowly keep rising. So once it starts curing on there, just go back and forth as if you're decorating a huge gingerbread house.

Stay away from the edges, though. We don't want it going right over the edge when it expands.

Adding the colored cup gumdrops

6. Add the gumdrops

Take that cup and put it right there in the center. You don't need to glue it. That expanding foam, while it's drying, is going to hold it right in place. It is sticky. Alternate your colors up and down; I used four different colors.

Applying the adhesive

7. Stick the door frame to the wall

Now it's time to take it outside. To put it on the wall, if you have stucco or anything, I use what's called a clear adhesive, which has silicone in it. It's easy to pull off. It looks white when it's going on, but it does dry clear. Don't put it all over. Just put little blobs

Sticking the door frame to the door

I cut out a little hole for my doorbell, then stuck it on there.

DIY gingerbread house door decoration

DIY gingerbread house door decoration

Here's my door before and after. This DIY gingerbread house door decoration looks so good. It's ready for Christmas for all our guests to see. It just turned out spectacular.

I hope this inspired you to build your own gingerbread house door or craft other outdoor DIY Candyland Christmas decorations. Let me know what you think of this project in the comments below.

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  • Katen Katen on Nov 16, 2023
    I love simple, easy to do ideas using readily available, affordable materials. Wondering if you could light up gumdrops; poke holes into back before spraying and adding gumdrops maybe? Thanks for sharing.
  • Elizabeth Elizabeth on Nov 17, 2023
    Very clever , but what was done with the plastic that was cut ?
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