How to Make a Pumpkin Tray: Chic DIY Cake Stand

Fall is here, and it's the perfect time to add a touch of rustic charm to your home. I want to show you a simple yet stylish Pumpkin Tray project that is fun to make and beautiful to display.

This chic DIY cake stand can be placed in your entrance, kitchen counter, or dining room table and is the perfect way to show off your beautiful fall decor collections.

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Tools and Materials:

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How to make a fall pumpkin cake plate

1. Prepare the Pumpkins

To begin our pumpkin cake stand, start by removing the stems from the foam pumpkins. These stems should pop right out, leaving you with a smooth surface.

Flatten out the tops of the pumpkins

Next, gently press down on the foam to level the pumpkins. If any areas stick up, simply push them down until you achieve a flat surface.

Fall home decor with dollar store pumpkins

Stack the pumpkins on top of each other, ensuring they sit flush and flat. Do not glue them together, you just need to make sure they are nice and flat when stacked.

DIY cake stand using thrift store plates

2. Create the Base

To create our DIY cake stand, we will attach each pumpkin to a plate.

You should have two plates and two pumpkins ready.

We'll use epoxy adhesive because it securely bonds to any surface.

Applying epoxy adhesive to the smaller plate

Flip the plates upside down. Apply a generous amount of epoxy to the bottom of the smaller plate.

Attaching a pumpkin to the plate with epoxy

Take one of your leveled pumpkins and press it onto the epoxy-covered bottom of the smaller plate.

Dollar store pumpkin craft project

Repeat the process with the larger pumpkin and the second pumpkin.

Allow the glue to set.

Adding epoxy to the top of a pumpkin

3. Assemble the Cake Stand

Apply a generous amount of epoxy to the top of both the pumpkins.

Connecting two thrift store plates with foam pumpkins to create a DIY cake stand

Place the larger plate and pumpkin on top of the smaller plate and pumpkin.

Step-by-step pumpkin cake stand crafting tutorial

Let it dry thoroughly.

Painting with bronze metallic paint

4. Add a Metallic Finish

For that extra touch of elegance, we're going to give our cake plate a beautiful metallic finish. Start with a gorgeous bronze paint that complements your fall decor theme.

Creating a metallic finish on a pumpkin cake plate

Apply the bronze paint evenly over the entire cake plate, including the undersides.

Adding gold pearl metallic paint highlights

5. Highlight with Gold

To add some highlights, use a gold pearl metallic paint.

Lightly apply this paint to create accents and enhance the texture.

This step will make your crafted cake platter truly shine.

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Pumpkin cake stand with bronze and gold finish

Pumpkin Tray Tutorial

And there you have it! Your exquisite fall pumpkin-inspired cake plate is ready to take center stage in your fall decor. It's a perfect blend of creativity and thriftiness.

I hope you enjoyed this project and feel inspired to craft your own unique pumpkin tray. If you have any questions or want to share your experience, please feel free to comment below.

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