DIY Bathroom Sink Ideas

There are endless options when installing a new sink and Hometalk is here to help you decide what is right for you! Ask a question or join the discussion on our popular discussions board. Look through the best, newest, and most popular sink projects Hometalk has to offer. Check out our videos and slideshows on sinks for something more visual.

Tips on Bathroom Sink Choices

Install a corner sink

Try a corner sink for a new look or to save space. This is often the ideal solution for a small or awkwardly shaped room.

Use different materials

Don’t feel restricted to just white porcelain sinks. Look at options such as glass or stone models to add a different style.

Get the right size

Work out how big or small you want your sink to be. This will largely depend upon the size of the bathroom as well your own personal taste.

Think about how to mount it

Find the right sink for the way you plan to mount it. Some are fitted directly to the wall, while others are mounted from above or below.

Choose suitable faucets

Pick a sink that works with your existing faucets or new ones you love. Most have either one or three faucet holes in them.

Top Projects for Bathroom Sinks

Installing a new sink in your bathroom? Here are the top sink projects on Hometalk.

Bathroom Sink Videos

Watch DIY sink videos to get some direction for your own project.

How to Remove a Clog From a Bathroom Sink

If standing water or slow draining is a problem in your bathroom sink, you probably have a hair/soap clog.Removing the sink stopper in order to get direct access to the clog is a very DIY-able homeowner project.

Can I tint Rustoleum's Specialty Tub & Tile Refreshing Kit?

I am thinking of using brown mica powder to achieve an almond color for a bathroom sink. Has anyone tried this?

Super Easy Centerpiece for Thanksgiving

Since Halloween is over many of us have left over gourds or pumpkins around. Rather than just throwing them away here is an easy fun way to turn them into something pretty for Thanksgiving.Depending on the ripeness of your pumpkin it may not make it to Thanksgiving but the gourds seem to be holding up well.These truly wouldn't have to be a centerpiece for a table. They would be cute on counter top, bathroom sink or a family room.

Glitter Gem Stone Soap DIY

Making soap is way too much fun. The sky is the limit when it comes to colors, mixes and scents! Why not try your hand at this ombre gem stone effect? Gems and crystals are very trendy right now and it's time to add them to your bathroom sink. Pop-in some glitter and you just made handwashing a whole lot more interesting.

New Bathroom Sink Projects

Searching for what's hot and trending in bathroom sinks? Look no further.