Old Sink Makeover With Tiles!

Bryan's Workshop
by Bryan's Workshop
It is amazing what some tile and a new faucet can do!
There have been advancements made in mortar and grout. I used an epoxy mortar and grout and it is:
-Stain proof
-It inhibits the growth of stain-causing mold and mildew
-Has antimicrobial protection.
-Ideal for installations at wide temperature ranges.
-Uniform color—no blotchiness or shading.
-Easy to maintain, cleanable to the original color.
-Tough, durable, and crack resistant.
-Chemical resistant
A quick Google search will guide you in the right direction to a product. There is no need to worry about keeping your sink clean.
I love how it turned out.
I had to sand out the drain hole to make the new drain fit. It was easy, but took some time. I also needed to make the faucet hole bigger to fit the new faucet.
I didn't use any spacers on this. The only difficult part was cutting these little tiles. I bought a tile cutter that looks like a pair pliers and it never made a clean cut. I also had to make the cuts in a large bag, because the tile would shoot up in the air every time!
This is actually really easy to do, it just takes time and its a little messy. You can get epoxy adhesives or special thin set and epoxy grout that is made for almost every surface. A lot of people do mosaic sinks, so you can go to a tile store and ask what you'll need. They even sell sheets of tile attached to wire, so you won't need to use spacers. You'll also need some kind of tile cutter to shape your tiles to fit.
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  • Barbara Barbara on Jan 23, 2016
    I have a sink that is put in under the tile. The tile that is on the counter is about 6 inches square. How do I put the small tiles on the counter and sink.?
  • Does anybody know where we can get an antique sink re porcalanded. I want it done like original.
  • Angela Martello Peatross Angela Martello Peatross on Mar 25, 2018

    I would love to try this... My sink in my half bath is all 1 piece with counter around it... It does have a crack in the base of the sink to the left of the center... My mom covered it years back & we've never had trouble with it... Now my question,, 1 will this work on it??? 2 were do i find the actual directions to do this from start to finish???

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