DIY Bathroom Countertop Ideas

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Bathroom Countertop Ideas
Choose from different materials
Get the bathroom of your dreams by choosing the ideal material. Marble, granite, and quartz are among the most attractive options.
Measure out the size that you need
Be sure that you get the right size to fill the space and be practical. Don’t end up regretting a countertop that is too small for your needs.
Think about going for a modern look
Make a statement by going for a slick, modern countertop. Stainless steel is an example of a good choice for a contemporary style.
Make a natural choice
Consider choosing a natural look for your bathroom. Stone and granite are some of the most popular choices.
Plan how to fit it
Fit your new countertop without any fuss by planning well. These objects are often large and heavy, so you may need some help.
Top Projects for Bathroom Countertops

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Bathroom Countertop Videos

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Simple Epoxy Countertop

When I planned to finish the bathroom in my basement, I knew I didn’t want to spend a fortune considering this bathroom would rarely get used.The vanity I wanted was $1200. There was no way I could justify that. So my solution was to put my DIY skills to use and build one myself.Follow along with me, and I will show you how I did this epoxy countertop for less than $200

Learn 3 Easy Ways to Create Faux Granite Countertops

Do you love the look of granite countertops but they're not quite in your budget? Not to worry! You can create incredible faux granite looks for your countertops using paint. We'll show you three techniques that will give you the granite look for less using our All In One paint. Find the one that works for you and get your DIY on!

Copper Countertops Under 20$ What????

A little about me: I am a DIYer who goes out of my way to use items I already have when I make projects over. For instance, this project cost ME about $16 total to do. However to buy all of the products for this (listed below) it might cost between 50-60$. (Still a bargain) Three of the 4 squares in this picture are real copper countertops, gorgeous, shiny, and expensive. However one of these squares is MY copper countertop. Which is also gorgeous, shiny, but cost less than $20 and as it turns out, is made of concrete.

New Bathroom Countertop Projects

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