DIY Bathroom Cabinet Ideas

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Bathroom Cabinet Style Tips
Think about your storage needs
Take some time to think about your exact storage needs. This will let you see how big the cabinet needs to be and how best to divide it.
Use the available space wisely
Work out how best to fit your new cabinets beforehand. Should they go in a corner or along a wall? Make or purchase different shapes and sizes.
Choose from free-standing or fitted
Make a decision on whether you want cabinets that are fixed to the wall or not. Fitted furniture takes more time to install but is more stable.
Consider whether doors are needed
Think about whether cabinets with doors are a good idea. Sliding doors or no doors can make sense in rooms where space is at a premium.
Match the existing style
Find cabinets that match your current style, so they fit in nicely. Alternatively, choosing new cabinets could be the chance for a new style.
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14 Successful Bathroom Cabinet Makeovers

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DIY Bathroom Cabinet Restoration

One of my hobbies is recycling and restoring found materials into stylish and functional decor for my home. When I found a discarded bathroom cabinet, despite the fact that it was in terrible condition, I knew I could restore it and make it usable in my home. The back had fallen off and so the entire cabinet was wobbling and falling apart. I was able to fully restore both the function and appearance of the cabinet and add valuable storage to my bathroom without spending a dime. The next time you see a cabinet thrown away or donated, imagine its potential for a DIY restoration project and try it yourself!

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