DIY Bathroom Cabinet Ideas

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Bathroom Cabinet Style Tips

Think about your storage needs

Take some time to think about your exact storage needs. This will let you see how big the cabinet needs to be and how best to divide it.

Use the available space wisely

Work out how best to fit your new cabinets beforehand. Should they go in a corner or along a wall? Make or purchase different shapes and sizes.

Choose from free-standing or fitted

Make a decision on whether you want cabinets that are fixed to the wall or not. Fitted furniture takes more time to install but is more stable.

Consider whether doors are needed

Think about whether cabinets with doors are a good idea. Sliding doors or no doors can make sense in rooms where space is at a premium.

Match the existing style

Find cabinets that match your current style, so they fit in nicely. Alternatively, choosing new cabinets could be the chance for a new style.

Top Projects for Bathroom Cabinets

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Bathroom Cabinet Videos

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Dirty Paint Pour on a Cabinet

I was working on a bathroom cabinet that had a little inset on the top, so I thought a paint pour using colours of the ocean might look neat.

How to Build a Bathroom Cabinet Door Garbage Can

After years of keeping our garbage cans on top (yes, I said on top) of our counters, it was time for a change. Our bathroom garbage cans always seemed in the way and ugly, even on the floor. But, once we had a baby, they became a germ-filled toy. So, we went with keeping them up and out of reach on the counters. But, that's not at all a good solution. This week, I finally came up with the best fix, for us. I built custom trash cans for our bathroom cabinet doors.Be sure to watch the video to get my tips for picking the best dimensions for your trash can and some things to plan around.

How To Completely Change Bathroom Cabinets With Just Paint

Now that we've finished our master bedroom closet, we moved on the master bathroom. We decided just a mini bathroom renovation was all that was needed, which meant using my favorite thing-paint!

How I Painted My Bathroom Cabinets (with Video Tutorial)

This is how I lightened up my bathroom cabinets with virtually no mess and no harsh, stinky products.

New Bathroom Cabinet Projects

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