DIY Bathroom Closet Ideas

An organized closet is a happy closet. Hometalk has collected the best, top, and newest closet projects we have to offer to help you build the closet of your dreams. Let us know what you think on our discussion boards, or ask a question and get an answer. Peruse our videos and slideshows on closets to find some new ideas. Check them out!

Ideas for Bathroom Closets

Make good use of available spaces

Use up an awkward space by fitting in the right closet. Tall and thin designs can work well for bathrooms with little space.

Fit a corner closet

Make your own corner closet or buy one pre-made. This helps you to maximize your space and provides a place to show off your best items.

Use labels for ease of use

Label any containers in your closet with brief details of the contents. This means that you will spend far less time looking for what you need.

Build a bespoke closet

Create a closet to meet your specific needs and space restrictions. You might want to do this from scratch or customize an existing closet.

Use space behind the door

Don’t let the space behind your closet door go to waste. This can be used to hang hooks or put wire racks for extra storage.

Top Projects for Bathroom Closets

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Bathroom Closet Videos

We've got DIY bathroom closet video tutorials that have step-by-step instructions.

Easy Renter-friendly Way to Maximize Storage Space in a Small Closet

Customizing a closet can be challenging when you're a renter but here's a quick and easy way to add extra shelving in a small closet without using any power tools or making any holes in the walls.

Video tute: How to fold fitted sheets (plus a look at my linen closet)

I just finished organizing the linen closet in my upstairs bathroom and created a dummy-proof video on how to fold fitted sheets.

Easy Closet Makeover! Custom Organizer & Dollar Store Bins

Do you need a better organizing solution for your closet? So did we. I took a day to makeover our master closet, and I'm in love with how it turned out. We already had everything but the baskets/bins, but you could complete this project for less than $50. I love a good, fast and easy makeover.

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New Bathroom Closet Projects

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