How to Build a Stylish Over-the-Toilet Shelf Idea in 7 Steps

Are you itching to transform your bathroom into a more organized and chic space?

Look no further! In this step-by-step guide, I'll show you how to build this easy over the toilet shelf idea.

Ready to turn your bathroom into a DIY haven? Let's get started!

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Tools and Materials:

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Inexpensive bathroom shelf DIY

1. Measure and Cut

Start by cutting 4 pieces of 2x2s to 6 feet each.

Cut down 2x2s

Then, cut 6 pieces to 19 inches and another 6 pieces to 4 inches each. Precision is key in this step, so take your time to ensure accurate measurements.

Sanding a piece of wood

2. Sanding and Pocket Holes

Smooth out all the boards by sanding them.

Adding pocket screws to smaller 2x2s

Next, use your Kreg Jig to drill pocket holes into each side of the smallest 4-inch 2x2’s. These holes will be essential for securing the 4-inch boards to the 19-inch boards.

DIY bathroom shelves

3. Assemble Rectangles

Place glue on the ends of the 4-inch boards.

Building a stylish over-toilet storage unit

Align them with the 19-inch boards using a clamp to hold the pieces together.

Space-saving solutions for bathrooms

Then, secure them using the pocket screws.

Create a rectangle

This should form a rectangle.

Repeat this step twice to end up with three sturdy frames.

Measure placement of shelf

4. Mark and Attach

Mark down two inches from the top of each six-foot 2x2.

Attach all four sides

I used a countersink bit to pre-drill the long 2x2s and attach them to the rectangle frames.

Continue measuring and attaching shelf frames

Then mark where you would like your bottom two frames to sit and secure them in place.

Woodworking project for the bathroom

Attach two of your smaller 2x2s to the bottom of the shelf for stability.

Paint the shelf

5. Fill, Sand, and Paint

Fill the screw holes with wood filler and once it’s dry, sand the excess off smooth.

Now, paint the frame with your chosen color; I recommend Benjamin Moore's wrought iron for a modern look.

Cedar board shelves

6. Prepare Cedar Boards

While the frame is drying, sand cedar 1x6 boards and rip them down to size. Seal them with two coats of polyurethane to enhance durability and give a polished finish.

Modern bathroom shelves

7. Assembly

Use a Brad nailer to secure the cedar boards to the top of each rectangle base. This creates a beautiful and functional shelf.

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Storage idea for bathroom

Over the Toilet Shelf Idea

Slide your customized shelf over the toilet, and voila! You now have a modern and efficient bathroom storage solution.

Custom bathroom shelves

A personalized sanctuary above your toilet!

Easy DIY furniture

I'd love to see your spin on this storage idea for the bathroom—did you customize it further?

Let me know in the comments below!

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  • Gyl86262754 Gyl86262754 on Nov 24, 2023
    How do u stop them falling down the loo when I knock it or reach for something?im serious.
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  • Den29809975 Den29809975 on Nov 19, 2023
    If the goal is storage, why not make it wider as the space permits. Doing so would make the shelf unit more custom-looking and would have the added advantage of allowing a removable lower shelf for easier access/a bit more elbow room to remove the toilet tank lid if need be.
  • Judith Judith on Nov 19, 2023
    This is what I did to my area.
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