How To Make the Cutest Pilgrim Turkey Wreath

Nick Kreticos
by Nick Kreticos

As Thanksgiving approaches, what better way to celebrate than by making your very own festive deco mesh wreath?

In this tutorial, I'll walk you through the process of designing an adorable turkey pilgrim wreath that will add a warm and welcoming touch to your holiday home decor.

Let's get started!

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Tools and Materials:

Metal wreath form with pipe cleaners

1. Prepare the Frame

Secure pipe cleaners around both the inner and outer edges of a circular metal wreath frame. These pipe cleaners will serve as attachment points for the deco mesh pieces we are going to cut.

Open up each pipe cleaner

Ensure that you open up each twist for easy placement of the mesh

Cut pieces of deco mesh

2. Prepare the Deco Mesh

Start cutting the 10-inch by 10-yard deco mesh into pieces approximately 18 to 20 inches long using a rotary cutter.

Lie the mesh piece flat on a table

3. Create the Mesh Base

We are going to use a ruffle technique when attaching our mesh pieces to the wreath. To do this, lay the mesh flat on your table and gather it towards the middle.

Gathering the mesh in a ruffle

This technique adds a beautiful texture to the wreath without making it overly poofy.

How to make a fall wreath with mesh

Secure the mesh ruffle to the wreath by placing it in the center of a pipe cleaner and then twisting the pipe cleaner around it.

How to make a fall wreath with mesh

Apply this method to each twist tie on the wreath frame.

Holiday home decor ideas

Don't worry about perfection; it's all about achieving a charming, rustic look.

Use a second roll of deco mesh to create poofs on the top layer of the wreath

4. Add a Poof Effect

For a fuller wreath, incorporate a second layer of mesh using the poof technique.

Use the same pipe cleaner securing the ruffle to fasten the extra mesh in place

Take another roll of mesh (you don't need to cut it). Gather one end, scrunch it up, and put it over one of the existing ruffles.

Tie the poof to the exisiting ruffle

Then, use the same pipe cleaner that's holding the ruffle to secure this extra piece of fabric in place, creating a poof.

Creating a wreath with ruffle and poof techniques

Pull and gather more of the fabric from the roll and tie it in place to the next ruffle.

Step-by-step guide to DIY Thanksgiving wreath

Keep doing this across the upper part of the wreath, over the existing top layer of ruffles. Doubling up the mesh like this helps create a thicker base, hiding the frame and adding depth.

DIY mesh wreath

Trim any excess mesh.

Thanksgiving wreath diy

5. Attach a Pilgrim Hat

Attach the pilgrim hat, to the top of the metal frame.

Fall ribbon

6. Decorate with Ribbon

Since this is a fall wreath, we've opted for a wired ribbon in shades of red, orange, and yellow.

Cut a piece of ribbon for the tails

First, cut a small length of the ribbon to create tails.

Create loops

Now, let's start making the oversized bow. To achieve this, begin by crafting loops ranging from five to seven inches on each side.

How to make a looped ribbon

Continue making these loops, but before forming each loop, twist the ribbon's bottom so that the front side faces outward.

Loop with correct side facing out

This ensures the front side is visible when you gather the loop again, revealing its beauty.

Thanksgiving crafts

In summary, pinch the ribbon at its midpoint, reverse it, and form the next loop. This will result in three large loops and two smaller loops on each side.

Button loop in center

To complete the bow, add a button loop, which is a smaller loop, approximately an inch in size, at the center.

Trim the excess ribbon.

Add the tails to the ribbon and secure with a pipe cleaner

Place a pipe cleaner over the center of your ribbon and before twisting it, position the tailpiece at the bottom. Secure the ribbon's center with the pipe cleaner, ensuring it's snug.

Line up the tails and fold them in half

Now, align the two tails, fold them in half, and snip off the ends, going from the middle toward the wired edge at an angle.

Snip the ends and create a dovetail

This creates a polished and professional finishing touch known as dovetailing.

Push yellow branches at an angle behind the ribbon

7. Final Touches

To simulate a turkey tail, tuck Eva bushes (in yellow) between the wires underneath the bow.

Fall wreath design with Pilgrim hat and ribbon bow

Trim and arrange brown decorative sprays individually, securing them between the wires in the wreath form for added stability.

Thanksgiving deco mesh wreath

Attach your pilgrim legs to the bottom.

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Pilgrim craft idea

Pilgrim Turkey Wreath Tutorial

Congratulations, you've successfully crafted your very own Pilgrim Turkey Wreath – a heartwarming addition to your Thanksgiving decor. I hope you enjoyed this creative journey and found this Thanksgiving wreath DIY guide helpful.

Now, it's your turn to put your personal touch on this Thanksgiving pilgrim craft. Share your unique variations, color choices, or any other creative twists you added to make it your own. Your experiences can inspire others in their DIY endeavors.

Nick Kreticos
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