How to Make a Whimsical Thanksgiving Turkey Wreath

Nick Kreticos
by Nick Kreticos

Hi everyone, today I want to show you how to make an adorable Thanksgiving turkey wreath.

This easy, affordable, and festive wreath will bring the spirit of Thanksgiving to your doorstep.

Let's dive into the project and discover how to make this cute Thanksgiving craft!

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Tools and Materials:

14 inch Grapevine wreath

1. Prepare Materials

To begin our Thanksgiving turkey wreath, we'll start with the base.

Take your 14-inch grapevine wreath frame, slightly smaller than usual for a more manageable size.

Cut your greenery stems into smaller pieces

Cut the greenery you will be using as the base into smaller pieces.

If you have a glue skillet turn it on. I find this tool easier to work with than a regular glue stick or gun but those just as well.

Dip branches into the glue skillet and stick them in the wreath

2. Assembling the Base

Now, dip the greenery pieces into your glue skillet.

How to make Thanksgiving wreaths

Place the greenery sporadically on the wreath frame, alternating between the inside and outside while keeping them all facing the same direction.

Affordable DIY holiday wreath ideas

This creates a uniform and organized look.

Pilgrim turkey decorations

3. Adding the Pilgrim Turkey

Before we continue with flowers and other decorations, it's time to secure our charming pilgrim turkey. This adorable piece includes a pilgrim hat and turkey feet, adding a whimsical touch to our wreath.

These are available at craft stores throughout the Thanksgiving season.

Crafting a Thanksgiving turkey wreath

Insert the wires of the turkey through the grapevine, securing them at the back. I placed the hat at the top and turkey legs at the bottom.

Indian corn and raffia decorations

4. Incorporating Indian Corn and Raffia

For some extra flair, we're going to add these gorgeous-looking candy corn pieces embellished with raffia. If you can only find these in large bunches, cut them down to size, so they don’t overwhelm the wreath.

Add corn and raffia pieces

Now add the corn and raffia to your wreath.

Tips for designing a festive Thanksgiving wreath

The colors of the corn will start pulling together the whole fall design.

Thanksgiving home decoration

5. Adding Miniature Flowers or Berries

Now, let's introduce some miniature flowers or berries that complement the Indian corn. Since our wreath is smaller, stick to filler-sized flowers to maintain the scale.

Poke the flowers in between the corn

Place them randomly throughout the wreath to tie in the colors – burnt orange, yellow, and shades of green.

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Thanksgiving Turkey Wreath and Pilgrim Hat

Thanksgiving Turkey Wreath DIY

And there you have it – our whimsical pilgrim turkey wreath is complete!

A charming and fitting addition to your Thanksgiving decor. It's the perfect way to add a touch of the season to your home without going overboard.

I'm thrilled with how this wreath turned out, and I hope you enjoy making one too!

Have you tried making your own Thanksgiving wreaths before? If not, give it a go and let me know how it turns out.

Nick Kreticos
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