How to Make 5 Cute Christmas Ornaments From Paper & Card

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Get ready for a fun holiday project: making your own DIY Christmas ornaments from paper and card. It's easy on the wallet and a great way to add your own special touch to your decorations.

Whether you want detailed designs or cute shapes, these ornaments offer lots of options for creating unique decorations that will make your tree look extra special. Let's dive into an imaginative crafting adventure!

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Swedish advent star ornament

1. Swedish advent star ornament

First, let's learn from Borei Design how to make a Swedish Advent Star ornament using recycled book pages.

Take a 5x7 book page and cut it into four quarters. Fold each piece into strips for weaving, making 21 strips in total. Weave two sets to form the star's sides, glue the corners securely, and connect them by looping the center strips together.

Trim the ends and fashion a hanger from the leftover strip. To add an extra touch, apply a coat of satin finish Mod Podge and consider a sprinkle of silver glitter for some extra sparkle!

Christmas card ornaments

2. Christmas card ornaments

Melanie E's project is simple, but also inventive. She crafts a Christmas tree from chicken wire, but what truly stands out is her clever use of Christmas cards as ornaments. It's a wonderful way to showcase the holiday cards you receive and adorn your tree without much fuss or cost.

Tealight and book page ornaments

3. Book page ornaments

Transforming used tealight containers and old book pages into DIY Christmas ornaments is an enjoyable and easy project, as demonstrated by Silvia Acevedo Eldredge Gloor from Los MiMis Armoire in this tutorial.

Begin by clearing any wax remnants and cut small circles from book pages. Place these paper circles inside the containers and attach a thread loop for hanging. Customize with angel faces, buttons, or even star anise for an extra decorative touch.

These recycled ornaments can be featured in wreaths, offered as heartfelt gifts, or integrated into a range of decor setups.

German bell ornament

4. German bell ornament

Gail@Purple Hues and Me demonstrates a simple method for crafting traditional German bell Christmas ornaments using decorative wrapping paper adhered to cardstock.

Start by precise folding, following the pattern to create a star-like shape. Adjust the center and points to shape it into a bell, then glue the top points, leaving room for a tassel or hanging cord.

For diverse styles, experiment with metallic wrapping paper or scrapbook paper affixed to cardstock.

DIY egg carton poinsettia ornament

5. Egg carton poinsettia ornaments

Learn from Cucicucicoo: Eco Sewing & Crafting how to repurpose cardboard egg cartons into poinsettia ornaments.

Begin by shaping the egg carton, painting it in vibrant holiday colors, and adding a touch of sparkle for extra festiveness. Arrange the pieces and glue them together, layering to achieve the petal look.

For easy hanging, attach a loop of cord or ribbon. These charming poinsettias are a great project to do with kids.

Making DIY ornaments from paper and card

It's amazing how a little creativity and some simple materials can make such charming decorations. Let us know which of these DIY Christmas ornaments you plan to try out this season. Happy crafting!

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