How to Craft a Stunning Cornucopia Wreath for Fall Front Door Decor

If you're looking for a beautiful Fall front door decor idea that can last all the way through Thanksgiving, you've come to the right place.

In this step-by-step guide, I’ll show you how to transform a simple cornucopia wreath into a masterpiece that will leave your guests in awe.

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So, let's dive into this Thanksgiving wreath craft and get your creative juices flowing!

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Tools and Materials:

Plain Cornucopia Wreath

1. Combining the Wreath

Begin by placing your cornucopia wreath inside the grapevine wreath.

Attach the wreaths together with pipe cleaners

Secure the two wreaths together using brown pipe cleaners. If you would rather start with a premade cornucopia wreath, you can find that here for just $14.99!

How to decorate a cornucopia wreath for Fall

Attach the pipe cleaners all around the wreath, twisting them together and snipping off the ends.

Tuck in the sharp end of the pipe cleaners

Pipe cleaners have sharp points so it is a good idea to conceal the twists by tucking them into the wreath form. This will ensure you don’t scratch the door when hanging the autumn wreath.

Wedge foam blocks into the cornucopia

2. Adding Styrofoam

Wedge pieces of Styrofoam into the cornucopia to provide a stable foundation for your festive decorations.

Harvest celebration - Fall faux leaves fruits and vegetables

3. Preparing Decorative Items

Now we are going to start decorating this cornucopia wreath with a variety of fall-themed faux pieces such as leaves, apples, and pumpkins. But before that, we need to prepare these pieces.

Steel barbs covering on the end of a floral pick made by a stell pick machine

If you have a steel picks machine, to add a sharp end to your floral picks great!

Decorating your home with homemade Fall wreaths

If not, don't worry; you can also attach wooden skewers to the stems of your picks with tape. The skewers will allow you to push your decorative item into the foam so it remains in place.

To do this you should first cut the stem a little bit shorter, then place the skewer up against it and wrap them together with floral tape. I like to wrap in one direction and then again in the other direction.

Step-by-step guide to making a Thanksgiving cornucopia wreath

And for items without stems, like the pumpkins and artichokes, you can insert the wooden skewer directly into the top of them and use glue to secure it in place.

Crafting a unique cornucopia wreath for the front door

4. Building Up the Design

Start by inserting decorative items like leaves, gourds, and berries into the wreath. Some items may not need picks, like the mini apples and pumpkins. These can be stuck directly to the wreath with glue.

Wreath embellishment techniques

Continue decorating by adding more items around the wreath's edge. Think apples, artichokes, and other fall-themed decor.

Mix and match to create an appealing arrangement while keeping the cornucopia's shape visible.

High end silk fall pick

5. Blending High-Quality Foliage

To enhance the overall look, tuck high-quality artificial foliage among the less expensive leaves.

Tuck high end picks amongst your cheaper picks

This simple step will elevate the entire wreath's appearance.

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Thanksgiving wreath craft

Fall Front Door Decor: Cornucopia Wreath Tutorial

You've just crafted a stunning cornucopia wreath that will be the envy of your neighbors. Hang it on your front door now and revel in its beauty throughout the Fall season and all the way to Thanksgiving.

I hope you enjoyed this gorgeous seasonal craft idea. I'd love to see your creations and hear your thoughts!

Share your own twists on this cornucopia wreath in the comments below.

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