An adorable succulent hedgehog

Turn trash and a recycled beer bottle into an adorable succulent hedgehog. Get tutorial here

These fun scarf holder garden flowers

Create colorful garden flowers from repurposed scarf holders and leftover pipes. Get tutorial here

A bright, topsy-turvy planter

Bring some color to your doorstep with a bright, topsy-turvy planter. Get tutorial here

This magical mushroom decor

Add a touch of whimsy to your garden with cute mushroom garden decor. Get tutorial here

A quirky boot planter

Fill old boots with succulents for quirky planters.  Get tutorial here

These brightly painted stepping stones

Paint a stenciled flower onto concrete stepping stones for a bright touch of color. Get tutorial here

A modern farmhouse playhouse

Make over a basic wooden playhouse with some paint and roofing tiles for a cute modern farmhouse playhouse. Get tutorial here

This chippy chair flower planter

Bring the indoors out by creating a flower seat in your garden. Get tutorial here

These Scrabble tile plant markers

Mark what you’ve planted with spelled out words from Scrabble tiles. Get tutorial here

A beautiful wheelbarrow garden

Use repurposed junk for a creative statement piece to add character to your garden. Get tutorial here

This eccentric bicycle mailbox

Make yourself a one-of-a-kind mailbox from a bright repurposed bicycle. Get tutorial here

A colorful, patterned tree branch

Give a fallen tree branch a whole new look with a colorful pattern. Get tutorial here

This leaf and flower design garden bench

Sit in the warm morning sun on your newly decorated garden bench. Get tutorial here

An adorable mosaic ladybug

Glue mosaic tiles to a sponge ball to make super cute ladybug garden decor. Get tutorial here

This lovely footbridge made from a futon

Turn your yard into a fairy tale garden with a footbridge made from a futon frame. Get tutorial here

A delightful metal hatbox planter

Transform a rusty hatbox into a delightful patio planter with beautiful, bright flowers. Get tutorial here

These pretty solar light planters

Fill old solar lights with soil and pretty flowers, and place them around your garden, Get tutorial here

A unique glass bottle flower bed border

Prettify your lawn and garden with a flower bed with a glass bottle border. Get tutorial here

This cheerful yard art mosaic flower

Bring love, color, and cheer to your garden with a lovely simple flower decorated with broken vintage china. Get tutorial here

An intricate stone mosaic front garden path

Replace an ugly concrete pathway with a unique and intricate stone mosaic pathway. Get tutorial here