Asked on Oct 09, 2015

Need a decorative idea to keep these meds in for the counter

Judy Kelley
by Judy Kelley
I need a decorative idea to keep these meds in for the counter.
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Oct 09, 2015
    If you would like them to be less noticeable try putting them in a pretty basket.
  • Kathy Sorrentino Kathy Sorrentino on Oct 09, 2015
    yes, I was thinking basket to
  • Z Z on Oct 09, 2015
    My first thought was a basket too. I love using basket to decorative store things. Since it's a kitchen another idea could be using a pretty covered casserole dish.
  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Oct 09, 2015
    Sorry I didnt realize that was a kitchen, but still I love baskets for storage.
  • Z Z on Oct 09, 2015
    No reason to be sorry about that Janet. Baskets work in any room of the house. It was a great idea.
  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Oct 09, 2015
  • Pat2063429 Pat2063429 on Oct 10, 2015
    Hi. I use a decorative box (cardboard) with a hinged lid from Joann's. They have multiple sizes and colors, and they're actually quite sturdy and inexpensive.
  • Pat2063429 Pat2063429 on Oct 10, 2015
    Oops! I meant to mention that it's pretty enough to leave out on our bedroom dresser. I like that the meds are hidden but easily accessed.
  • Debbie Debbie on Oct 10, 2015
    I keep my meds and vitamins in a weekly pill container that I fill once a week. They come in a variety of styles and sizes. I stash the rest out of sight until I need to refill the containers again. The containers look nice and neat and really keep me on track with taking my meds, etc.
  • Jimrusk Jimrusk on Oct 10, 2015
    I would find an old wooden bread box that you can decorate to your design of the kitchen as it would look good and blend in. Easy storage.
  • Kincaid99 Kincaid99 on Oct 10, 2015
    My husband keeps his in the top drawer of the kitchen island, close to the sink for water and out of sight. A cute basket, covered box or string drawn bag, cute makeup travel case decorated with kitchen theme, that way you can pick up and take with you when traveling.
  • Dee Dee on Oct 10, 2015
    I use a lidded wicker basket for mine. I fill a weekly pill holder, which I keep in a kitchen drawer. To keep my meds together and separate from everyone else's, I keep the bottles in the basket in my powder room. Then when I refill my pill holder, I just grab the basket.
    • DiannaLynne DiannaLynne on Oct 10, 2015
      @Dee exactly what I do. Not sure there's a decorative solution to this one but a pill holder is worth the little bit of effort to fill it weekly then all those bottles can go into a basket hidden away in a drawer or cupboard. It also helps me to remember if I've taken my meds on any given day. Plus you only have to take all those lids off once a week.
  • Rosemary D. Rosemary D. on Oct 10, 2015
    my dad used an adorable little basket! I still have it!
  • Anissa.osborne Anissa.osborne on Oct 10, 2015
    We use an old bread box.. My friend liked it so much she bought one online new and distressed hers to look old
  • Mary Mary on Oct 10, 2015
    I bought a 2 tier lazy susan at Walmarts and put the AM on one tier and the PM on the other, Some bottles were to tall for the bottom so I Had to use them on the top and lable them with a marker AM/PM accordingly. But it works for me, good luck to you what ever you try.
  • Z Z on Oct 10, 2015
    I just thought of another idea. A covered cake stand.
  • Lori Johansen Lori Johansen on Oct 10, 2015
    I use a caddy I make (for other purposes as well, and switch all my meds to small Ball jars and paint the center of lids with chalkboard paint for labeling. Wish I had the photo, but it's on a disk somewhere. :) Here's the pallet wood caddy.
  • Cheryle Fuller Cheryle Fuller on Oct 10, 2015
    I bought a nice stand alone medicine cabinet with a chalkboard front for mine, and keep it near the coffee pot. It also has hangers on the inside of the door for house keys. Bought it at Sam's a few years back, but maybe that will trigger a thought. They need to be protected from light, heat and moisture.
  • Pat Pat on Oct 10, 2015
    We put our pills in the daily container to remind us to take them each day. Then we put little shelves on the backs of our cupboard doors to hold the bigger bottles and prescription bottles . Some of the big-big bottles like calcium or fish oil are put on the top shelf handy to refill our pill boxes. I think a basket would be a good idea and if you could find a covered basket, better yet. You could also take a shoe box and decorate it with wall paper or paint or contact paper. Something that coordinates with your kitchen/bathroom.
  • Barb johnson jenkins Barb johnson jenkins on Oct 10, 2015
    Baskets! Find one with a lid....Spray paint in accent color OR with one color for bottom and another for the top OR hinged metal/plastic container - paint or mod podge or both!
  • Karen Heubeck Karen Heubeck on Oct 10, 2015
    I've put mine in clear glass apothecary jars (all identical); then typed labels for them. I put them on a painted wooden tray with about one and a half inch sides.
  • DarWat DarWat on Oct 10, 2015
    I purchased a pretty decorative box with lid to hold ours. You can find so many different sizes, styles, and colors at the dollar store or Michaels. Just find one that goes with your decor. Keeps meds out of sight, but still handy for individuals who take a lot on daily basis.
  • Blair Chris Blair Chris on Oct 10, 2015
    Try a spice rack or those nice wall mounted chrome racks that are normally used in Bathrooms. You can even screw them to the inside or a cupboard door, out of sight but easily accessible.
  • Ester nelson Ester nelson on Oct 10, 2015
    Hello there, I thought immediately: bread-box, and I don't know why but you could "make it yours " by whatever means and type of material used in breadbox container. Good luck
  • Barbara Lawson Barbara Lawson on Oct 10, 2015
    I bought a little wood treasure box from Hobby Lobby at 1/2 price and this contain my vitamins and daily medicine.
  • Amy Edwards Amy Edwards on Oct 10, 2015
    What about a daily pill holder, some of them are bright and colorful now. (that's what I use)
  • Kate Sullivan Kate Sullivan on Oct 10, 2015
    Buy a decorative charger (the kind for the dinner table) or get a pedistal cake dish with a cover; you might even frost or paint the cover to make it less transparent.
  • Janine Barker Janine Barker on Oct 10, 2015
    shoe box crafttfied and maybe even cut down
  • Kini Kini on Oct 11, 2015
    Here is an idea if it needs to be locked.
  • Heliane Ripley Heliane Ripley on Oct 11, 2015
    I used an old wooden cheese box, covered it in red gingham and that's where my meds are. Right on the counter where we both can get to them easily.
  • Buf2105121 Buf2105121 on Oct 11, 2015
    Try a rectangular basket....or cover a small box with some of the wallpaper.
  • Susie Susie on Oct 11, 2015
    vintage bread box from a thift store. paint or decorate to liking
  • Francine Nault Francine Nault on Oct 11, 2015
    I just use one of my drawers under the kitchen counter and I have no kids to worry about
  • Susan Bechamp Susan Bechamp on Oct 11, 2015
    How about looking at spice racks and re-purpose it for meds? There are so many to choose from, I'm sure you'll find one you like. I have a wall mounted one in my bedroom above my dresser. It has the blue and white Delftware style ceramic bottles with a wide mouth that's easy to fill.
  • Susan Bechamp Susan Bechamp on Oct 11, 2015
    I forgot to mention: my husband uses an old fashioned cigar humidor he adapted to hold his medicines. An old jewelry box might also work.
  • Diana Smith Diana Smith on Oct 11, 2015
    Find or buy any old wooden box, even an old drawer. Just make sure the size is right. Now, cover the box in pretty fabric that brings out the color in your plates. Now here's the good part, find some old dresser knobs or buy some cheap ones at any craft store - glass would be beautiful! Now, glue or screw the knobs to the bottom of your box and Presto!! You have a beautiful new container with adorable little feet to hold all your medications!!
  • Nan1728296 Nan1728296 on Oct 11, 2015
    I use an antique bread box.
  • Bonnie Bonnie on Oct 11, 2015
    Why not get them 'OFF" of the counter? Mount a piece of sheet metal on the wall (will somewhat look like a mirror) glue small magnets on the bottom of the bottles and keep them on the sheet? Frees up counter space, and they'll never be pushed around. When you get a new bottle, take off the magnet from the old one (since you'll want to keep the proper expiration dated bottle) and start all over. Bonnie
  • Sandra Sandra on Oct 11, 2015
    My Dad takes a ton of meds. They used to be all over the kitchen counter. I got him a weekly med box and filled it so all that is on the counter is a small box and the bottles are in a basket in the cabinet to be handy when I have to fill the box again.
    • Pauline Pauline on Oct 14, 2015
      @Sandra That is just what I did. I have my med pack and a separate med box. Took a box that all the bottles would fit in and covered it with fabric. Grab the box when the pack needs filled. Simple and a lot easier to handle.
  • NancyMaria NancyMaria on Oct 12, 2015
    Make or find a lidded box, think old hat boxes, and cover with fabric or fancy paper. You can use a magnet for lid flap. I even found some made up at Ross of all places. I use one on the bath counter but are planning to put two or three up on staggered shelves beside the mirror on the wall. Another Idea is a fake book box.
  • Diana Mule Diana Mule on Oct 14, 2015
    buy a pretty box from the craft store that matches your plates.
  • Delanie Delanie on Oct 16, 2015
    I covered a shoe box in scrapbook paper and put my meds inside. It coordinates with my bathroom decor, looks cute, and is right by the sink so I always have a glass of water handy!
  • Debby Debby on Oct 16, 2015
    I found a wicker basket and put a lid on it. Now my meds are hidden.
  • Denise Boyce Denise Boyce on Oct 17, 2015
    I ,love your plates and wall paper!
  • Frances Toth Frances Toth on Oct 17, 2015
    I had the same problem I bought a wired basket and placed all of mine in there. There was no to embellish unless you want
  • Peni Yeoman Peni Yeoman on Oct 18, 2015
    I use an old breadbox - works great!
  • Sheila D Sheila D on Nov 03, 2015
    A roll top bread box would keep them handy and hidden.
  • Scarlet Scarlet on Nov 08, 2015
    A silver (or non-see through) dome serving tray would also work. :)
  • Arts Be Crafty Arts Be Crafty on Nov 14, 2015
    I keep my vitamins in one of those decorative boxes from Michaels. They go on sale for half off all the time. Sometimes they're like 10 for $10. I use them to store things in my art studio, too.
  • Anne Anne on Nov 15, 2015
    I found an old wooden spice rack in a garage sale and picked it up with intentions of using it for storing beads on. I painted it and it coordinated so well with my kitchen decor, I thought I could use it in the kitchen instead. Not needing a spice rack as I already had my spice rack choice well in use, I turned to my daily vitamin and supplements and thought, I could put them on it! I bought empty spice jars from Amazon, added a label (hidden down the back) from my handy Brother labeller and let the loose pills sit in the jars. I didn't put the "shaker" inserts back into the bottles making pouring pills in and out easy! I store the large odd sized clunky original bottles in a drawer out of sight. And, on a side note, not having to fight with the "child safety" that requires a child to open, this works great for my slightly arthritic hands :)
  • Cathy Cathy on Jan 03, 2016
    I use a roll back bread keeper for our medicine needs, easy one hand action and tidy in the kitchen.
  • Karen Demma Angeles Karen Demma Angeles on Jun 09, 2016
    I have an old round tin that keeps everything together. I still keep the tin in a cabinet to keep our counter space open and neat.
  • Mary Ker Mary Ker on Sep 05, 2016
    I gave up a shelf in my cabinet. Nothing counterwise made me happy.
  • Banjojane66 Banjojane66 on Dec 05, 2016

    I have the same problem. I love the others suggestions, but my meds are different sizes. I also have more than your picture.

    Maybe, you could buy the roll out can dispensers that are great for soda cans, that you can put in the refrigerator? (Instead of putting in fridge, display on your counter) The top can rotate your meds to keep you aware of the last pill you took!!

    I have thought about making a divider from plastic canvas. Then, I can size each bottle and sew/glue side ends together, then leave bottoms open,(like a bee hive), then put colors of felt around the plastic canvas to match the color of your kitchen/cabinet too! If you measure each bottle, you can conveniently color code and hide the meds from nosy people! I enjoy expressing ideas to others, it completes my day! Hope this has helped, Jane.

    • Franny A. Nault Franny A. Nault on Jan 06, 2017

      My husband has so many meds also and I keep one special and big drawer in the kitchen for it all. We have no kids to worry about.

  • Kathi Davis Kathi Davis on Dec 08, 2016

    I covered a mans shoe box with the lid attached,with contact paper.I store my meds in it and also my bottle opener,and scissors.No one knows what is in it unless they open it,which never happens.Oh and i keep mine on my breakfast nook bench,next to where i sit at the table..

  • Connie Connie on Dec 13, 2016

    How about a wooden old-fashioned style bread box. hinged, drop-down, our roll-up door/opening would make access easy but still hidden from view. AND cute!

  • Deanna Nassar Deanna Nassar on Dec 13, 2016

    My meds have moved to the bedroom. A small tray for the RX bottles, and the rest beside the tray. Once a week I line up my weekly trays and put the needed amounts in each, Then the AM box goes on the counter by the sink. Mid day goes in my rolattor,(similar to walker) and night go in tray with bottles to keep them separate. Comment to those that think they need dozens of pills to stay health. A good multi like Centrum, a vitamin C, and joint suppliment-if you need it. Your choice of Pain pills, asprin, and the like. That's all I use. I used to be using all those separate pills but tossed them out. BTW Check Puritan on line for vitamins etc. Often offer buy one get 2 FREE.

  • Dianne White Dianne White on Dec 14, 2016

    Place them in a wicker basket. Mark the lids with a code or pill name so that they are easy to find when standing upright or lay them on their side in the basket. Love the idea of using a bread box!

  • Shannon Shannon on Jan 06, 2017

    Hobby Lobby had nice wooden boxes with hinges back by the framing department. wait till they go 50% off or use a 40% off one item coupon

  • Maggie   Gallagher Maggie Gallagher on Jan 08, 2017

    Most meds should be kept in a dry, cool space. Not on our kitchen counters, a good place for kids or grandkids to get them.!Place each labelled container in a closed tin away from heat, moisture and light.Do not advertise you are on any meds , as many are stolen by visitors, young and light-fingered,

  • Teri Teri on Jan 08, 2017

    Found an old double decker metal bread box that we kept ours in.

  • Nancy Flemming Nancy Flemming on Jan 09, 2017

    Lots of good ideas I especially like the spice rack up off the counter. Any way just wanted to say my friend uses a small lazy susan, his has a lip around the edge so bottles don't fall off, it is in the corner area out of the way, but he can easily access what is there by turning it around. Good luck with your choice.

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Feb 19, 2023

    How about making a pop over cover for them. Use cardboard as a form covered with Paint or wallpaper or Fabric etc. Make as plain or as fancy as you like.