Make Garden Globes With Marbles

Add adhesive to Terra Cotta saucers, attach the globe, and apply marbles. Get tutorial here

Make Garden Plaques With Bamboo Paper

Paint the bamboo paper with chalk paint and stick the plaques on with hot glue. Get tutorial here

Paint Terra Cottas As Toadstools

Use Martha Stewart’s Satin Paint to coat the terra cotta pots, and glue them together with E6000. Get tutorial here

Makeover A Clock To Sit In The Garden

Remove the sheen from the clock with sandpaper and take out the clock face and fill with tiger eye beads. Get tutorial here

Decorate With A Bright Colored Painted Window

Coat a unused window in turquoise and trace in mandala motifs. Get tutorial here

Reuse Your Wine Box For Hydrangeas

Choose a rustic stencil to paint over the box and fill with faux hydrangea bushes. Get tutorial here

Use Unicorn SPiT To Upgrade Statues

Dilute the SPiT about 20% to 50% and paint in with vibrant color. Get tutorial here

Upgrade Your Garden With A Roman Deco Bust

Coat the bust in Metal Effects, and plant your flowers on the top of the head. Get tutorial here

Recycle Old Glass Into Hangers

Drill a hole through the center of the glass pieces and use hot glue to keep the glass together. Get tutorial here

Stack An Old Teapot On Glass In The Garden

Put fake or real moss inside of a bowl and hot glue the teapot on top. Get tutorial here

Pair A Vase And Globe Together For Art

Use weather proof glue to adhere the globe and vase, then attach marbles with mortar. Get tutorial here

Put A Wine Barrel In The Center Of The Garden

Remove the rings of a wine barrel, drill holes in the metal, and connect with a bolt. Get tutorial here

Design A Birdbath With Concrete And Leaves

Mix equal parts play sand, water, and portland cement, then coat it over an elephant leaf. Get tutorial here

Create A flower With Pushpins

Insert a dowel into a styrofoam ball and stick painted pushpins in the styrofoam. Get tutorial here

Build A Rain Chain With Copper Tubing

Mix up a bag of concrete, pour into a container holding the tubing, and bend the copper to your desire. Get tutorial here

Recreate A Frog Prince With Glass Lamp Globe

Thread wired beads for the arms and stick sparkling marbles on the body. Get tutorial here

Upcycle Wall Pieces With Spray Paint

Bend the inside petal upward for a 3D effect and spray paint bright colors on the florals. Get tutorial here

Build A Flower Out Of Dishware

Use a 9” dish as the base and adhere hot glue a glass candle holder as the center. Get tutorial here

Stand Spray Painted Shutters In Your Garden

Use Krylon Color Master to spray paint to decorate unused wooden shutters. Get tutorial here

Create A Race Car With Terra Cotta Pots

Glue two 1.5 inch pots together, two 8 inch pots together, and saucers to create the car. Get tutorial here

Beautify With Baked Peony Beads

Assemble the peony beads in a floral pattern, bake, and place in the garden. Get tutorial here

Make Your Garden Parisian Chic With A Bike

Makeover a rusty bike with enamel spray paint, and attach a playful sign. Get tutorial here

Craft With Kitchen Utensils And Old Dishes

Attach the wall with poultry staples, make the leaves old beaters, and the flowers plates. Get tutorial here

Place An Inspiration Quote In Your Garden

Round out scrap wood with a jigsaw and paint on a quote. Get tutorial here

Transform A Whisk Into A Dragonfly

Bend and twist the whisk into the body of the dragonfly and apply acrylic pendant beads as the eyes. Get tutorial here

Upgrade A Simple Rock To An Animal

Use Martha Stewart Satin paint to design various animals on rocks and seal with modge podge. Get tutorial here

Create Paintings With Flat Marbles

Take an unused window, trace out your design, and fill respectively with glass flat marbles. Get tutorial here

Make A Broken Lamp Home For A Plant

Weld a stake onto the lamp, remove the remaining glass, and place a flower inside. Get tutorial here

Use A Candlestick As A Plant Holder

Decorate the candlestick with a bright color spray paint and place 3 potted plants on it. Get tutorial here

Use A Moss Bust In Your Garden

Take an unused mannequin bust, coat in chicken wire, and fill the holes with moss. Get tutorial here