DIY Project for Containers

Bibi Sweet67
by Bibi Sweet67
How to reuse your empty hair grease and gel containers for storing cotton, Q-tips, rubber bands, buttons, bobby pins and any other items you want.
These are my empty hair grease and gel containers
Take the labels off
Wash the containers with dish liquid and a sponge.
Wash containers with your hands first so hair grease and gel wont get all over your sponge. Rinse them and then use your sponge make sure to use a different sponge from the one you use for your dishes.
Make or print out different type of labels for all your containers.
Now to add some type of bling (Acrylic Rhinestone stickers)
I love these Rhinestone stickers only a dollar at the 99 cent store.
Now adding my labels that I printed out with tape.
Done! And I love the way they came out. This is one way of displaying them.
You can display this way.
Or display this way. I hope this was helpful to everyone.
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  • ThomasMaloney ThomasMaloney on May 09, 2016
    The rhinestone stickers look amazing! I have been recycling my empty storage containers into cookie and snack jars for the bigger ones, and spices jars for the smaller ones for the kitchen. I think with the décor stickers, there are just many more things to recycle them into!
  • Bibi Sweet67 Bibi Sweet67 on May 18, 2017

    Yes! I love the rhinestone. I also have other containers I'm recycling too for some other projects. As soon as I do them I will post.