Repairing Loose Calendar Pages.

by Jewellmartin
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15 Minutes

I NEED A CALENDAR HACK! It happens to me every year. In the middle around June or July, my $1 calendar starts coming apart. What to do?

Typical calendar accident

This is a typical calendar accident: your paper calendar comes apart in June or July. I use my calendar several times a day. It gets a good bit of wear and tear, at home or in medical offices. I can’t use my phone calendar. I just want a lot of detail for appointments, reservations, birthdays, other events, etc. so my paper calendar goes with me about everywhere. But when it comes apart, what can you do?

Pry up those staples .

I have tried rubber bands, taping the fold between all the pages, restapling with a standard stapler, and ended up being frustrated because they don’t work for me.

Loose pages rebound.

Usually, it’s only May and June that come loose in my calendar, so it’s easy to retread the loose pages back onto the staples. I move the pages up a bit to use places on the pages that do not have staple holes already. My pages are a little off center because my hands shake sometimes. But the pages went on the staples easily.

Tweezers and tape help.

I pressed the staples back down, securing the pages. Then I put a bit of transparent tape over the staples to secure them. I would use Duck tape, if it were handy.

Ready for service!

And here is my calendar, ready for the rest of the year. I put a little tape on the outside cover, just to be safer. I hold onto my $1 calendar just like some people do their Dayplanners or cell phones. Maybe you can use my idea!

Suggested materials:
  • My calendar   (Dollar General)
  • Tweezers, tape   (My stash)
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