How to Organize with Command Centers & Boards

Ready to organize your command center and board? We're ready to help. If you need some inspiration and tips, you've come to the right place. We want to help you get the most out of your command center or board so that you can be productive and stay informed. Visit our discussion boards, slideshows, DIY video tutorials, and top projects.

Organize Using Command Centers
Make use of stains and fabrics
Touch up your board with fabric and stains. Mount your board on a picture frame and back with fabric. Stain and add mesh for a unique look.
Chalk up your fridge
Turn your fridge into a command center with vinyl. Measure and cut to size and stick. Once in place, create dividing lines with washi tape.
Season your chalkboard
Whatever type of chalkboard you have, season it. Apply a thin coat of chalk and leave to settle. Wipe lightly and you’re ready to go.
Add a board to any wall
With chalkboard paint, you can turn any wall into a command center. Apply at least two coats and season with chalk before using it.
Use metal instead of chalk
Instead of a chalkboard, try galvanized sheet metal. The industrial look is perfect if you decorate with bright colors and soft accessories.
Top Projects for Organizing Command Centers & Boards

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Command Center & Board Organization Videos

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