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Hi! I’m Bethany and I’m new here on Hometalk. One thing you should know about me is that I LOVE to thrift! (Take a look at my Instagram @ dottiedesignco to see more of what I do.) So, when I visited my local thrift store and found an old paper towel holder as well as a wooden dowel, I immediately was inspired. Have you seen some of those high end kraft paper roll dispensers? The ones that you can place almost anywhere in your home to help keep track of recipes, grocery lists, or simply just for doodling? I figured that would be the perfect solution for helping me to keep track of my thoughts and ideas during this holiday season.

For this project you will need: 

-An old wooden wall mounted paper towel holder or a ¾” dowel about 18” long.

-A drill 

-Some twine

-Kraft paper roll or masking paper (length can vary)

-Paint of choice (Most paints should work)

-Hammer and Nail (to hang your project)

1) Dowel Style Dispenser

I decided that although one of these dispensers would suffice, I would create two just in case you are unable to find the right kind of paper towel dispenser. The first way is to use a ¾” wide wooden dowel that is about 18” long. Mine was already the correct size so I did not need to cut it down but you can easily cut it down to the correct size at your local hardware store. I simply drilled a hole on either end of the dowel about an inch in from each end.

I slid some bakers twine through the first hole and tied it off. If your twine is unravelling, you can use a piece of tape to hold it together and push it through the hole.

I then slid the paper roll onto the dowel and tied off the other end of the twine through the other loop.

Just hang it in your favorite location with a nail. You can use any type of clip to weigh down your paper and begin using your new paper roll. It’s that simple!

2) Paper Towel Holder Kraft Paper Dispenser 

The second option uses a wooden wall mountable paper towel holder that I found at the thrift store. I began by thoroughly cleaning the paper towel holder with soap and water.

I then painted the body of the dispenser with a paint color of choice and placed the kraft paper on the holder.

My dispenser has a lower rung that sits against the wall. This was helpful to be able to feed the paper behind it so it would hold the paper against the wall thus making it easier to write without there being a gap between the paper and the wall.

If your holder does not have the lower rung you can create one using a thin wooden dowel and drilling it below the dispenser and running the paper behind it. Additionally, you could place screws on either side of the dispenser below the paper and wrap string tightly between the two screws to hold the paper in place. 

*One note of caution, be aware of the size of the hole in the center of your kraft paper roll. You want to ensure that the center hole is wide enough to fit on your dowel or paper towel holder. I used kraft paper that was meant to be gift wrap to ensure it would fit on the paper towel dispenser. 

This project was very simple and will be used in my home immediately. I’d love to hear if you try out this project or have any other ideas for how to make this simple and practical kraft paper dispenser!

Suggested materials:
  • Wooden Dowel   (Home Depot or Lowe's)
  • Drill
  • Bakers Twine   (Target)
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  • Rebecca Brantley Rebecca Brantley on Dec 02, 2019

    I still have one! Solid wood, plain, no design, painted it smoke grey & it blends into the wall color lol.. & I have that same looking drill!! 😁😎

  • Joyce Joyce on Dec 04, 2019

    we Used one for our toilet roll holder. Holds two rolls.

    • Maude  LaFountain Maude LaFountain on Dec 08, 2019

      That's a great idea especially if you have lots of people in the home it saves time replacing the rolls so often ....I like this idea a lot .....