Transform your backyard with stepping stones

See how they transformed their weed garden into a more manageable space. Get tutorial here

Lay down shards of broken concrete

Broken pieces of concrete can create a pretty shattered walkway, especially when you surround them with plants. Get tutorial here

Build your own outdoor sectional

This is perfect for small patios and tight corners. Get tutorial here

Create your own firepit for bonfires

Backyards are so much cooler if they come with a place to roast marshmallows. Get tutorial here

Paint slabs of rock for a colorful patio

Sometimes a simple floor update can give you a whole new look. Get tutorial here

Create your own water garden for some zen

Add a mini paradise to your backyard with this brilliant and low-budget idea. Get tutorial here

Use Pallets To Hold Your Flowers

Cut pallet wood to desired size and drill together. Get tutorial here

Decorate Your Garden With Gnomes and Fairies

Place brightly colored gnomes or fairies, and include plaques of flowers. Get tutorial here

Bury bottles in the yard for free mosaic art

Grab some recycled wine, beer, and liquor bottles for this stunning idea! Get tutorial here

Make a shady, private spot with drop cloth

A cute little privacy screen that resembles the look of a pergola. Get tutorial here

Make a garden shed from pallet scraps & cans

Use pallets, old windows, and tin cans to make an backyard incredible shed! Get tutorial here

Transform A Garden Into A Succulent Paradise

Opt for a succulent only garden and paint containers with stone spray paint. Get tutorial here

Add A Wooden Bridge To Your Nursery

Attach the corner posts for a base for the bridge and put on the slats. Get tutorial here

Surround your stepping stones with lava rocks

Define the edges of your simple walkway by surrounding it with red lava rocks. Get tutorial here

Update your gazebo with cushioned seats

A gazebo isn’t really a gazebo unless you can lounge and sit under it. Get tutorial here

Construct A Pretty Garden Swing

Join pallets together, paint, and place the polystyrene beads into wire. Get tutorial here

Line Your Garden Space With Beer Bottles

Embed bricks edgewise and insert Michelobe bottles against the cement. Get tutorial here

Add a walkway as a flower bed border

Use pea gravel to edge your bright flower bed, to create a pretty strolling space. Get tutorial here

Build your own sandbox for a beachy feel

It's reminiscent of your beach vacation, and your kids will love playing in it everyday. Get tutorial here

Use full pallets for an instant pathway

Lay down whole pallets to create an easy and instant garden pathway with rustic charm. Get tutorial here

Build a small koi pond

You don’t even need the fish, just some lily pads will add some zen to your backyard. Get tutorial here

Add a pergola for some shade

You’ll be much more inclined to sit outside without the sun beating on your head. Get tutorial here

Shape a pretty stone walk from concrete

Pour and stamp concrete to get the molded stone walkway you’re craving without the mess or money. Get tutorial here

Build A Rock Garden

Dig down half way into soil and layer rocks up as high as desired. Get tutorial here

Craft A Pallet With Soil For Plants

Cut down to four planks, distress the paint, and coat each pallet with potting soil. Get tutorial here

Decorate With Barrel Bars And Twine

Tie at the end of the rims with twine and weave in between the bars. Get tutorial here

Thrift A Wire Teacup To Hang In A Trees

Take a copper teacup from Goodwill, rough up with sandpaper, and fill with flowers. Get tutorial here

Hang a rustic grapevine luminary

Update your patio with fairy lights by stringing white bulbs through some grapevine balls. Get tutorial here