Create a Sense of Order in the Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home. That’s where boots are kicked off, the post is deposited onto the nearest surface and coffee is made. Officially, the day’s worries are at an end. As a result, clutter creeps in. Here’s a creative answer that adds a sense of order while enhancing the decor, shared by Hometalker Ashley. Get tutorial here

Use the Refrigerator to Organize Mail

Refrigerators tend to gather pictures, bills, and to-do lists. If your kitchen could do with a fairy godmother or a magic wand to neaten it up, try this handy hack, shared by Hometalker, Shannen. Shannen has used a simple system to hang photos. Adapt the exercise: dedicate a section to unopened post and one to opened post. Get tutorial here

Wall-Mounted Baskets to Free Counter Space

Clean and neat counter tops? Sounds almost too good to be true. Hometalker Amber shares an easy way to keep your kitchen neat, going beyond simple mail organizer to include a calendar and shopping list. Amber’s DIY solution uses a few basics you probably have lying around. Natural grass, a rustic frame, chalkboards, and natural browns. It’s trendy and neat. Get tutorial here

Picture-Perfect Mail Organization in a Frame

Lynn demonstrates how to DIY your own mail organizer using an old frame. This project uses clothing pegs, chicken wire, and an old frame to pin pictures up. It’s a super decorative solution mail organizer mount. Instead of pictures, write unopened bills on one peg, opened on another, etc. Customize it to meet your needs - pegs can hold many envelopes at once! Get tutorial here

Upcycle an Old Drinks Cooler to Organize Mail

Speaking of re-purposing and up-cycling old goods to add a sense of order to your incoming mail, who could resist a touch of rustic iconography? Angie shows us how to re-imagine an old cooler into a handy mail organizer. The old faded Coca-Cola lettering makes it beautifully vintage. Get tutorial here

Turn an Old Fan into a Mail Organizer

How do you Upcycle an old fan with a burnt out motor? You turn it into a trendy mail organizer, as shown by Hometalker Robin. Talk about cool decor. And there's plenty of room for customizing this DIY mail sorter. Robin’s step-by-step explanation is fool-proof. If you have two left hands when it comes to creativity, this is the perfect DIY project for you. Get tutorial here

Iconic USA-Inspired Wall Mail Organizer

This is no ordinary mailbox - it’s designed to organize your mail indoors. It draws inspiration from iconic American colors - red, blue and white. Complete the look with a car registration plate. Shannen Marburger's inspiration is easy to follow through and recreate. Her DIY guide is surprisingly simple, requiring only a few basic items. Get tutorial here

Do Something New with an Old Mail Organizer

This project certainly takes the crown as far as upcycling goes! It’s so easy, you could involve the whole family and enjoy a DIY Saturday morning at home, with the children, using basic materials. Hometalker Meadow Lake Road explains the process - it’s mostly a paint makeover, but the effect it gives this wall mail organizer is quite dramatic. Get tutorial here

Window Shutter Wall-Mounted Mail Organizer

This mail organizer is fantastic because you can take the basic guidelines and develop them into your own DIY project. Take it a step further by labeling slots according to the categories that suit you. This project is an up-cycle using an old shutter. You need plywood for the mail organizer mount, decorations (to your taste), and a staple gun. Get tutorial here

Super Easy DIY Mail Organizer

This mail organizer helps everyone to find what they’re looking for or place incoming mail in the correct storage points. Who doesn’t love crisp green and white coloring? Magazine bins, labels, and decorative paper are all it takes. The guide suggests mounting each of the divisions onto a board to finish the project. Get tutorial here

The Best Things Come in Small Mail Organizers

Grey has been trending in home decor for some time. Add a chic little motif and you have a gorgeous mail organizer. Not to mention the uncluttered counter-tops and neatly gathered bills and letters. This project requires no handyman skills, it’s a DIY decorating job. Hometalker Amy sourced the empty and unpainted wooden box from Walnut Hollow. Get tutorial here

Woodwork Wall-Mounted Mail Organizer

It’s clean, simplistic, and sophisticated. According to Hometalker Build Basic, this project takes only a few hours to assemble. It requires some basic woodworking skills which you could outsource. This project uses a jigsaw for cutting, a glue gun, a nail gun, and various types of wood, including the trim and backing board. Get tutorial here

A Crafty Way to Address Paper and Mail Clutter

Creativity meets organization in a project that blends with trendy styles and contemporary decor. This truly captures that well-established, “later in life” level of organization. Old book covers and fabric inserts make the pockets, handy labels make it easy to use, and a backboard supports the whole initiative. Use fabric that suits your taste. Get tutorial here

Organize Your Mail and Your Keys

Rustic decor and country style living has made a major comeback in the home and garden industries. Here's a mail organizer that embodies all the best attributes of both. This project by Hometalker The Little Things By Jo organizes both keys and mail. It immediately conjures up the image of a horse ranch or luxurious country estate. Get tutorial here

Use Pallets for a Country-Style Organizer

A conglomerate of pretties displayed together. It’s decorative and it assists with clutter control - what more could you ask for? Perhaps a trendy and country look? Done. This project is easier than it looks. Hometalker Tammy H uses her favorite item - the pallet - to bring together the best the DIY world has to offer in this easy how-to guide. Get tutorial here

Simple Rustic Mail Organizer for Your Desk

Paper clutter can disrupt productivity at your workstation. This desk/mail organizer is the perfect desktop answer for order and neatness. Hometalker Dinah has used a dark wood stain for rustic appeal. The bonus about this piece is the fact that it’s mobile. You can stash your mail into it for days before taking it to the couch and sort through it. Get tutorial here

Amazing Tissue Box Upcycle

Throwing away old tissue boxes? Save them and create neat and easy to use solutions for your mail. It’s lightweight, so you could even make one for each mail category - bills, adverts, letters. This activity is child-friendly and fairly easy to do. Darla selected blue as her dominant color, but you can select the colors or patterns you prefer. Get tutorial here

Use Chalkboards to Label Your Mail Organizer

Another vertical solution that neatly organizes mail. Hometalker Rebekah provides detailed steps on how to build this wall mail organizer, which includes adding chalkboards for each folder. From the measurements through to the final coat of chalk paint, this guide is as organized as your life will be once you have created the mail sorter! Get tutorial here