Geometric Storage Pegboard Using an Ironing Board

After purchasing an ironing board with broken legs, the board was selected by Shabby Paints as an ideal storage pegboard. It was painted before adding some stencil vinyl letters. The pegboard hooks managed to fit with just a minor adjustment, making it easy to store keys, tools, and accessories. The board was also magnetic, making it ideal for housing metal objects. Get tutorial here

Handy Pegboard Hooks for Car Care Supplies

This pegboard took less than half an hour to install, providing a convenient, accessible storage solution for this Hometalker’s auto care supplies – all of which are visible at a glance. She used the mounting holes in her black pegboard as a template to pre-drill pilot holes to fix to the wall. Pegboard hooks were positioned at random to hang her car care items. Get tutorial here

Crafty Pegboard Using Industrial-Style Mesh

As part of creating a craft area for herself, Hometalker Vanessa opted for a functional pegboard to house craft and gardening items, hanging them via industrial-style mesh. Her own version of a pegboard was made with 1/2" x 1/2" hardware cloth. She used two eyebolts and some industrial hooks to hang her pine pegboard, which was stained and sealed. Get tutorial here

Cute Home Office Pegboard Organizer

This home office update was crying out for some fun reorganization, so Placeofmytaste opted for a stylish, simple pegboard. She started by taping a fun pattern onto her new pegboard. She sprayed the template with metallic gold Rustoleum paint before nailing her frame to the pegboard. Pegboard hooks and baskets were added for storing craft and office supplies. Get tutorial here

Giant Workshop Pegboard for Tools and Accessories

This giant DIY pegboard was designed to house all of this family’s tools in their home workshop. After buying the large pegboard, they used 2x4s to build a frame and section the board. Support boards were added to the back for sturdy wall hanging. Three screws were used to hang the pegboard along the top, as well as three extra long screws into the support boards. Get tutorial here

Oversized Pegboard Ideal for Reorganizing Cluttered Craft Spaces

Amanda’s craft room was disorganized and needed help to rearrange her tools and accessories. She opted for a pegboard framed using the same one that used to be above her desk. She marked holes every three inches before drilling them out using the Forstner bit. She sanded the rough patches before spray-painting the taped corners with a matte black finish. Get tutorial here

Handy Pegboard Hooks for Jewelry and Hair Accessories

This cute pegboard storage solution was the ideal tonic for Crystal’s daughter, who had built up a growing collection of jewelry and hair accessories in her bedroom. The painted chevron background was the ideal backdrop for these accessories to stand out, which were hung from hooks, while the hair clips were ribbon-tied from one hole to another. Get tutorial here

Four-Sided Portable Tool Caddy

Hometalker Mom4Real didn’t want a conventional pegboard for her garage tools. Instead, she used pieces of pegboard to build a four-sided portable tool caddy. The four pieces of 24x48 pegboard were fixed together to create a cube, which was made moveable by attaching wheels to its base. Each side had a different theme, from paint supplies to tools and accessories. Get tutorial here

Super-Organized Craft Room Pegboard

This 6ft x 4ft pegboard is now a haven for storing this Hometalker’s essential crafting tools. After securing a metallic gray frame to the pegboard, she hung it to the wall by screwing into two pieces of scrap wood. The bucket set is ideal for storing brushes and pens. She also built three small pegboard shelves to house her acrylic paints. Get tutorial here

Cross-Stitched Pegboard Hallway Coat Hanger

Instead of stenciling a message or lettering onto a pegboard, why not take a leaf out of Julien’s book and cross-stitch it into your pegboard instead? If you want to use a pegboard as a super-sized base for any wall-mounted storage, cross-stitching allows you to create any word in any colorful way that you would like, before adding a few simple coat hooks. Get tutorial here

Accessible Yet Stylish Kitchen Utensil Pegboard

This kitchen pegboard hack is ideal for those who struggle to find the utensils they need in the midst of cooking. Scrap the utensil drawer and put together a pegboard like Elizabeth’s for your home. Her pegboard was fitted above her buffet table. She used all kinds of decorative and functional hooks to hang her boards, knives and other kitchen utensils. Get tutorial here

DIY Potting Bench With Accessible Pegboard

Hometalker Ivylore needed a place to pot and plant her new flowers, so she created a potting bench complete with a practical pegboard to hang her garden tools for whenever they're needed. Her large pegboard slab was attached to the back of her new DIY potting bench and painted in the same complementary green. It can also double as a serving buffet for guests in the summer. Get tutorial here

Light-Up Pegboard Ideal for Baby Nurseries

Hometalker Shelly was tasked with creating a gift for a baby nursery, using a pegboard to create an LED-lit "Sweet Dreams" sign to act as a beautiful centerpiece. To create the pegboard marquee sign, Shelly used two strings of 100 LED lights, which were woven to match the layout of the letters penned on the back of the pegboard. Get tutorial here

Custom Pegboard Shelves Add an Extra Layer of Organization

As part of her daughter’s bedroom pegboard organizer, she wanted to create custom shelving that would be glued to the board to house hand sanitizers and lip glosses. After stacking two thin bottom boards and placing holes in the top board to hold them in place, the first shelf came together quickly, ready to be glued and clamped to the pegboard overnight. Get tutorial here

Cute and Practical Nursery Pegboard Above a Dresser Table

Hometalker Heather opted to copy her sister and create a practical nursery pegboard above her dresser table. The baskets fitted were designed to house diapers and wipes for easy access. The plain pegboard was spray painted gray before nailing on all of these cute items such as a vintage clock and the initial of her baby boy. Get tutorial here

Learn How to Hang Pegboard Solutions for a Craft Room

If you want to know how to hang pegboard designs without knowing where the studs are in your wall, take a look at Hometalker Ingrid’s simple solution to her installation issues. She ended up drilling pieces of wood onto the drywall, allowing her to screw the pegboard directly into the wood and the drywall using extra-long screws. Get tutorial here

Fun Master Bedroom Pegboard Nightstand

Hometalker Shannon opted to use a pegboard as her monthly random item to be gifted to a family member, using it as the basis for a vibrant bedroom nightstand. She made her own hairpin legs, which were spray painted yellow to offer a contrast to the straw-colored pegboard door and the white nightstand frame. Shannon loved it so much she kept it for her own bedroom! Get tutorial here

Stylish Pegboard With an Accent Stencil

Hometalker Stacy picked up a 2ft x 4ft pegboard, which was painted a decadent Bohemian Blue color from Debi’s Design Diary. She picked a Cutting Edge Stencil for her centerpiece design. After initially painting the stencil white, she then went over it with gold for a richer contrast. Stacy added wooden balls to act as bumpers, keeping the board away from the wall. Get tutorial here