Make a Felt Letter Board from a Bland Picture Frame

This bog-standard photo frame was turned into a changeable letter board within one hour! Hometalker Love Tempe created their very own felt letter board out of this 8”x10” picture frame. 36 dowel rods were cut to size to create the backing for the new board. They were spaced out using a 1/8” spacing tool, with each stick hot-glued down. The felt was then hot-glued onto the top of the frame backing before spraying the dowels with a color that complements that felt. Get tutorial here

Build a Vintage Yarn-Crocheted Letter Board

How about a vintage letter board that requires no felt cutting or gluing? Try this crochet letter board! This $4 photo frame was transformed with some yarn found in the home of Hometalker Once Upon a Cheerio. They crocheted a black square the same size as the frame backing before securing it to the back using double-sided tape. Add a tiny piece of velcro to the back of all the bulletin board letters so it will stick to your yarn crochet backing. Get tutorial here

Pretty Up a Cork Bulletin Board With Fabric

If you don’t like the look of your cork bulletin board, why not give it a fabric makeover? Hometalker Beth detached the existing cork from her bulletin board frame before cutting some colorful fabric, leaving an overlap of up to 3” over the cork board. The fabric was stapled to the corkboard along the straight edges, leaving the corners until last. The corners were handpleated and generously stapled, being careful to keep them evenly spaced. Get tutorial here

Make a Pottery Barn-Style Modular Bulletin Board

Inspired by the Pottery Barn Teen catalog, this Hometalker created their own bulletin board system. Hometalker Jonathan created a module frame, with six separate boards ideal for writing, fixing and hanging notes and to-dos. Black contact paper worked great for his chalkboard square while one of the cork tiles was turned into a “clothesline" board. A magnetic board was used to attach the tins to act as accessory holders for pens, pencils and scissors.  Get tutorial here

Turn Cheap Frames Into DIY Bulletin Board Wall Art

Amy purchased this stunning gold artwork frame but hated the painting, so she opted to use it as a bulletin board instead. Hometalker Amy disposed of the existing canvas and replaced it with an oversized bulletin board, ideal for her home office and craft room. The cork bulletin board was covered by gorgeous geometric fabric before adding vintage botanical prints, with plenty of space to pin to-dos and bulletin board letters. Get tutorial here

Create Hanging Bulletin Board Letters Using Garden Fencing

It’s amazing what you can do indoors with garden fencing – like this hanging bulletin board! Hometalker Donna used some of her wooden garden fencing and trellises to create a good-looking bulletin board-cum-jewellery organizer that looks great in the window. The rusted wire fencing was shaped into a fascinating display, allowing for notes, pictures and to-dos to be pinned to the hanging frame. Get tutorial here

Create a DIY “Family Command Center”

This young family were struggling to keep on top of household admin and needed a “command center”. Hometalker Postcards From the Ridge eventually opted to turn a yard sale 48” x 48” bulletin board into a family hub for their kitchen. After covering the entire frame in burlap, she painted a black cross-hatch frame before attaching three dry-erase boards, a monthly calendar and bulletin board letters. One of the dry-erase boards acted as the family’s weekly menu! Get tutorial here

Restaurant-Style Changeable Letter Board

After swooning over pricey letter boards online, Nicki opted to create a restaurant-style board of her own. Nicki found this letterboard sign for $15 online, complete with plastic letters. She removed the suction cups from the board – which was originally designed to be fitted onto a window – before filling the holes in. The frame was then sanded and painted, before painting the original glass with black chalkboard paint so that it could be written on with inspirational messages! Get tutorial here

The Ideal Halloween Letter Board

Looking for a fun letter board for the family kitchen or front yard at Halloween? Hometalker The DIY Playbook recommends using pumpkins as your very own letter board. Affix the sticky bulletin board letters onto your pumpkin with a witty Halloween message, before taking a can of Rust-Oleum Paint & Primer and spraying the entire pumpkin with a light coat of black paint. Once it is bone-dry, peel off the stickers to remove your festive message! Get tutorial here

Thought Bubble Bulletin Board for a Kid’s Bedroom

These Thought Bubble bulletin boards are super creative and ideal for inquisitive young kids. Hometalker Carolyn put together this fabric-covered foam sheet that could be pinned above a kid’s desk or bed, encouraging little ones to pin their hopes, dreams and memories to this thought bubble. Carolyn used a sharp tool to cut all four oval foam sheets quickly and intricately, with the ability to create any design or pattern you wish. Get tutorial here

All-In-One Mail Holder and Bulletin Board

Hometalker Teresa made an all-in-one bulletin board and mail holder out of styrospan insulation. Teresa had several sheets of insulation board left over from DIY projects. Teresa scored out part of the insulation board to fit the sheet, ensuring it was flush with the rest of the insulation board. She then upholstered the cover with fabric and fixed a mail holder with the same upholstery. She also used an old magnetic sheet to create a magnetic section for her board.  Get tutorial here

Remodeled and Upholstered Bulletin Board

Hometalker Zest it Up opted to remodel their Masonite board into a handy home bulletin board. After cutting the Masonite board to size, they then cut the fabric they wished to upholster the board to measure 2” larger than the Masonite on all four sides. A staple gun fixed three sides of the fabric to the Masonite before adding batting through the one open end and creating a quilted look using shiny gold pins. The final end is then stapled for a slick finish. Get tutorial here

Rustic Style Burlap-Covered Bulletin Board

April turned a plain cork bulletin board eyesore into a rustic wall accessory using burlap fabric. Cut the burlap fabric 2” wider and longer than the cork board before pinning the fabric to the board using decorative gold tacks. Ensure the burlap is pulled taut to ensure a smooth finish along the straight edges. April also added jute twine and clothespins to create an additional space to hang notes, papers and mail. Get tutorial here

Illuminated Bulletin Board Adds Christmas Cheer

Hometalker Donna opted to use an old bulletin board to create an illuminated Christmas backdrop. She painted the board all black to create a striking backdrop before playing around with an easy-to-use festive stencil, marking out more than a dozen Christmas trees in the shape of one large Christmas tree. She then fixed a string of small LED lights into each stenciled tree through the back of the bulletin board, lighting up her rustic festive mantel. Get tutorial here