Cut several pieces of tape for your door

No paint or stain required. Cute pieces of washi tape in different colors and make your kid smile! Get tutorial here

Cover tea lights to make them look festive

A gorgeous way to up the style of your home is some jazzed up tea lights with washi tape. Get tutorial here

Wind pieces into plant cages

The perfect way to showcase your plants that's also easy and eco friendly! Get tutorial here

Measure pieces into a makeshift wall calendar

Cut black washi tape into grids and add personal touches of gold and glitter. Get tutorial here

Adhere pieces to jars for improvised vases

You'll never need to by vases again! Just add washi take to jars! Get tutorial here

Cut them to fancy up your doors

You can make your doors look Art Deco with some well placed black washi tape. Get tutorial here

Spiral pieces around the rim of a cake stand

Add a vintage touch to your tiered tray by wrapping some gorgeous washi tape to it. Get tutorial here

Fold pieces into a gorgeous wall design

Measure the tape on a stencil of geometric forms to get this easy and removable pattern. Get tutorial here

Or design pieces of it into faux wallpaper

Apply strips of washi tape in a carefully measured and preconceived design to get that stylish look. Get tutorial here

Wrap pieces over old tins to make gift boxes

Grab old tin cans, spray paint them and wrap them in washi tape for a gorgeous vintage gift box. Get tutorial here

Stick some on magnetic strips as fridge decor

Make your fridge cute again with some easy washi tape magnets. Get tutorial here

Use some pieces to spruce up a drum shade

Grab a few strips to adhere to the interior of a boring drum shade. Get tutorial here

Craf them into a no-mess Christmas tree

Why deal with all the thistle? Draw out a tree with washi tape. It's removable too! Get tutorial here

Or a mess free winter wonderland

Why stop with one tree? Create a forest with washi tape to get in the festive mood. Get tutorial here

Stick a few strips onto boring coasters

If you have boring tile coaster cover them in strips of washi tape. Durable and pretty! Get tutorial here

Create adorable decor by taping it together

Paste pieces of patterned tape over card stock and add a mold. Use hearts for this Valentine’s garland. Get tutorial here

Turn a few into patriotic door hanging

Why bag flags when you can make them out of washi tape? Get tutorial here

Stack some pieces on a tin for your desk

Personalize your desk pencil holder with washi tape and an old tin. Ingenious! Get tutorial here

Use pieces vertically to make a votive candle

Turn a plain bottle into a votive candle holder by placing strips on it. Get tutorial here

Paste pieces onto wooden polaroid frames

These adorable picture frame bases can be bought at Michael’s and are so easy to do. Too cute! Get tutorial here

Grab pieces of washi foil for your furniture

Who knew washi tape comes in foil? Spruce up your furniture with metallic washi! Get tutorial here

Rip three strips to decorate you cord holders

TP rolls turned into cord holders can look really ugly. Add some washi tape to improve them. Get tutorial here

Stick pieces on a pencil holder

Pretty up your desk organization with some floral themed washi tape. So easy! Get tutorial here

Form pieces into custom plastic wear

Grab some themed tape to make your plastic cutlery pop, right in time for the party! Get tutorial here

Transform some pieces into a wall gallery

Washi tape frames can become a budget friendly gallery wall! Get tutorial here